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Giovinco linked to Spanish giants Barcelona

Sebastian Giovinco has been connected to a move to one of the giants of Spanish soccer. The reported move does not seem to make a whole lot of sense though for anyone involved.

John E. Sokolowski-USA TODAY Sports

Many years ago, back in 2012, a certain Italian midfielder was closely linked to a move to Spanish giants Barcelona.  Instead of making the move to Spain, Sebastian Giovinco wound up staying in Italy and signing with Juventus following Euro 2012.  Now the Blaugrana are reportedly keeping an eye on the potential MVP as a player who could help bolster their midfield.

The report linking the player to a move to Spain comes from Spanish newspaper El Mundo Deportivo but Giovinco is just one of a number of names that they list as being potential targets along with the likes of Marco Reus and Ezequiel Lavezzi.  It is a fairly long list of names with several of them seeming to make far more sense for a club like Barcelona than Giovinco would.

While Toronto FC would take a lot of convincing to part ways with their star player it is possible that a move to Barcelona could tempt the Atomic Ant to move on and the club could certainly meet just about any asking price MLSE might set.  The Spanish team would be unlikely to break the bank for the player though as the reports seem to suggest that he is one of the more affordable targets they would look at if they could not secure an attacker like Nolito.

The move does not make a lot of sense for Giovinco though as the player left Juventus in search of a club that could offer him regular playing time and a staring role.  He was stuck to the bench at Juve and that hurt his place in the Italian National Team and that was a big part of why he came to Toronto.  That and the big bag of money that MLSE sent his way.  A move to Barca would probably put Giovinco right back in a similar position being stuck behind the likes of Messi, Neymar, and Luis Suarez.

On the whole this seems like a report that is not going to go anywhere but it will certainly not be the last time that Giovinco is linked to a potential move during the January transfer window.  His record setting MLS season will certainly have caught the eyes of a number of clubs looking to bolster their attack this winter.  The good news is that TFC are not likely going to want to sell so no need to start panicking about losing the Atomic Ant just yet.