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Giovinco absolutely not returning to Italy in January according to agent

The fire that is the January transfer window has barely started burning but Sebastian Giovinco and his agent both want to make it very clear that the likely MLS MVP is not interested in a January return to Italy.

Eric Bolte-USA TODAY Sports

Sebastian Giovinco is set to be named the MLS MVP, has earned his way back in to the mix for the Italian National Team, and has caught the eyes of observers around the World.  He could use all of that attention to force a move back home to Italy where plenty of clubs are sure to be interested but for now that scenario seems to be nothing more than the fear of Toronto FC fans.

Following the disappointing end to TFC's season the Italian attacker was very clear in stating his desire to return to the team for next year.  He even went so far as to suggest that he would not even be looking to make a short term loan move back to Europe like so many Designated Players have done before him.  It was all good news for Toronto FC fans who are quick to worry about losing their star man.

Add in the fact that the club's new President Bill Manning confirmed that they have already turned down interest for Barcelona and there really should be very little reason to worry about the Atomic Ant heading off to other pastures this January.  That has never stopped fans in the past though so any further reassurance that Giovinco is staying put is more than welcome.

Giovinco's agent, Andrea D'Amico, was on a RAI Sport program in Italy called Zona 11 and spent some time talking about his client's future.  When asked about the potential for his client to return to Italy this January the agent responded with a very clear "assolutamente no!".

It is a simple answer but it once again reinforces the fact that Giovinco is very happy in Toronto and is not looking to go anywhere this winter.  He will certainly have his options in terms of clubs knocking on MLSE's door to inquire about the asking price but for now it seems a very safe bet that he will be turning down those calls.

If the player is interested in staying and saying all the right things, the club is not interested in selling him and making the clear, and the agent is making the rounds saying that his client is not interested in moving that should at least be enough to make a few interested teams reconsider picking up the phone to get a hold of Manning.

For now the best thing TFC fans can do is listen to what those connected to the club and the player are saying and try to avoid focusing on the reports of interested teams that are surely going to be a major feature of this winter.

With a Golden Boot already on his mantle Giovinco now has to wait until December 2nd to find out if he will be named MVP for his performances this season.  It is a fairly safe bet he will be winning the Landon Donovan award (that name still seems odd) and hopefully with all this insistence that he is staying put it will just be the next of many more MLS awards to come.