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Floro: Canada to play Mexico in Vancouver after Fantastic BC Place Atmosphere

If it ain't broke don't fix it as Canada's manager says the team will play their March World Cup qualifying home game in Vancouver.

Anne-Marie Sorvin-USA TODAY Sports

Last night wasn't just a victory for the Canadian men's national team, it was a victory for their supporters as well. A crowd of 20,108 at BC Place last night broke a record for biggest attendance for a men's national team game in British Columbia, and for once the attendance didn't seem misreported.

What resulted was one of the best home atmosphere's this team has ever seen, which witnessed their best performance in at least three years. It was a demonstration of what Toronto was never able to do when it played host to the national team: get people to show up in large numbers, get them to wear red and create an intimidating home venue.

Now, Vancouver will get their reward as last night Benito Floro said that he was "sure" that Canada will return to BC Place when they take on Mexico in March. He also praised the incredible atmosphere at the match.

"Fantastic, probably the best Canada crowd I've played in front of in my career, they were unbelievable," Will Johnson told media after the match. "It was a real treat to come in and see a lot of red everywhere, outnumber the blue by tons and that's not always a given in this country."

This was a collective effort, and several parties deserve credit for the off-field spectacle that was last night's game. One is certainly the Voyageurs, who seem to be consistently improving in their efforts to convince people to watch the national team. They had been working hard to make this match special for several months.

At the same time, the Canadian Soccer Association is partnering with its supporters group and the fruits of that union were seen last night. The CSA spent money and resources to build hype around this game, from the roster unveiling to hosting several press conferences, to getting the game on TSN.

Vancouver really was the only choice for the next home game, set to take place in late March. Toronto's BMO Field is under construction and therefore is unlike to host any of the three games the national team will play in Canada during round 4 of FIFA World Cup qualifying.

Not that there is any reason to leave BC anyway, after a performance like that both on and off the field there is no reason to chance a thing.

Canada's next World Cup qualifying match in on Tuesday when they take on El Salvador away from home. No time has been said for that match yet, but considering usual CONCACAF tactics one could presume it will be played midday.