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Toronto FC Say No to Barcelona After Sebastian Giovinco Transfer Request

The Spanish club have reportedly contacted Toronto FC about the Italian international, but TFC aren't interested in moving their star player at this time.

Eric Bolte-USA TODAY Sports

Considering the season he had, Toronto FC are likely to get more than a few offers for Sebastian Giovinco. The Italian had a record-breaking MLS season that seems to have rejuvenated his career.

Reportedly, Toronto FC received their first major offer from FC Barcelona, according to President Bill Manning. TFC however, said no.

This comes after news from Toronto FC's end of season press conference that Giovinco is not currently considering going out on a loan.

This is something that has been done by players like David Beckham who are trying to stay relevant in the eyes of national team managers ahead of international competition.

Giovinco is looking to be on the side representing Italy at Euro 2016. While he has been called up for Italy to the last two camps, he has only made appearances off the bench.

Making the starting lineup through Toronto FC is certainly more difficult than doing it while representing an European club. Just ask Jermain Defoe who missed out on the England side at the last World Cup.

Giovinco, however, has always made it clear that he is committed to Toronto FC. He does not seem interested in moving elsewhere at the moment, and expects to be back next year.

Toronto FC are going to have to say no to a lot of offers this offseason, and for the sake of the club it is good to see that they are in a place where they can say no. This is especially true of a high profile club like Barcelona.

From a growth of the league perspective, this is also a positive. Two years ago, even last year, it would have themed almost unfathomable to see a MLS player get a call from Barcelona.

The lesson of this news is that it is going to be a long offseason of Sebastian Giovinco rumours. The club, however, is committed to keeping the player in place and it will likely take a lot to have him move.