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Pick Your Top 30 Toronto FC Players from the 2015 Season

Waking the Red's Toronto FC Top 30 Countdown is back, and like it has been done in the past we would like to get the site's readers involved.

Dan Hamilton-USA TODAY Sports

For several years now, Waking the Red has been ranking Toronto FC players at the end of the Major League Soccer regular season. This a traditional we are looking to continue, as it is an offseason feature awaited by many.

Last year, due to a change in leadership with this blog, the countdown saw a few changes. It went from the top 40 countdown to a top 30, something we will be doing again this year as a result of the size of our staff and the time it takes to put together a project like this.

However, an omission which we deeply regretted was not including reader input in our Top 30. If these are truly going to be consensus standings we need to get everyone involved. No need to include a blurb on the player as he have in the past, again for this being done in a timely manner that wouldn't be possible.

To help you out here is the Waking the Red top 10 standings:

1. Sebastian Giovinco

2. Sebastian Giovinco

3. Sebastian Giovinco

4. Sebastian Giovinco

5. Sebastian Giovinco's Translator

6. Sebastian Giovinco's Son

7. Sebastian Giovinco

8. Sebastian Giovinco

9. Sebastian Giovinco

10. Guiseppe Giovinco

In all honesty though here is Toronto FC's current roster, you will have to add in some academy standouts as well to round out your top 30.

GK: Quillan Roberts, Alex Bono, Chris Konopka, Joe Bendik

DF: Clement Simonen, Damien Perquis, Jackson, Ashtone Morgan, Ahmed Kantari, Josh Williams, Nick Hagglund, Justin Morrow, Eriq Zavaleta, Mark Bloom

MF: Michael Bradley, Benoit Cheyrou, Jay Chapman, Marky Delgado, Daniel Lovitz, Chris Mannella, Collen Warner, Jonathan Osorio, Manny Aparicio,

FW: Sebastian Giovinco, Jozy Altidore, Herculez Gomez, Jordan Hamilton, Luke Moore, Robbie Findley.

The cut off for this is Tuesday the 10th, so get all of your top 10 in before then. Only serious submissions will be accepted.