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After the Anthem Episode 7: Re-Entry Draft Preview and Canada's 2026 World Cup Bid

It's the seventh episode of the After the Anthem podcast and the lads have plenty to talk about as the MLS offseason officially gets underway.

Witters Sport-USA TODAY Sports

On the seventh episode of the After the Anthem podcast the guys only mention Dominic Oduro once, which is a new record.

Mitchell Tierney of Waking the Red hosts while Michael Norton of Last Word on Sports makes some questionable remarks about holidays.

The lads start their discussion with the MLS re-entry draft, and what each of the Canadian teams should be looking to do in that draft if they get a chance.

The guys also talk about the Portland Timbers winning the MLS Cup, and which Canadian team could be the first to win the league's highest honour. Hint, it's not Toronto FC.

From there the discussion turns to what Major League Soccer can do about Canadian players still being considered internationals in the league. Is there a way to fix this issue before next season as has been suggested?

More importantly, however, more information has been released about Canada's bid for the 2026 World Cup. Is this a viable goal for Canada? How can they fend off interest from the United States and other countries to win the bid?

Finally, the guys touch briefly on the Canadian U-20 women's team and their incredible start to World Cup qualifying. What does this tell us about the state of the women's program?