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Toronto FC's 2015 Christmas Wishlist

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A look at what Toronto FC hopes will be under the tree tomorrow.

Eric Bolte-USA TODAY Sports

It was a long year for both the Toronto FC organization and its fans. Thankfully, the holidays are here and everyone can look forward to the new year. But before the new season gets underway, there's some gifts on everybody's list that would make this upcoming season one worth looking forward to.

With the early editions of Drew Moor, Steven Beitashour, and Will Johnson, the Toronto front office has done very well getting their holiday shopping done early this year. However, there are still a couple of things left on their list.

For The Back Line: A competent goalie who they can trust. It would also be nice if this new goalie could ease their workloads by possessing the ability to properly distribute the ball out of the back.

For Alex Bono and Quillan Roberts: An opportunity to battle for the job of back up keeper.

For Ashton Morgan and Mark Bloom: Consistent playing time and a commitment to show how both are still important members of the team.

For Nick Hagglund: An opportunity to win himself a spot in the team. Needs a chance to show the potential he had two seasons ago.

For Jonathan Osorio: To provide him with the opportunity to continue growing as a player and to make sure he is not forgotten about as the team continues to acquire new players.

For Michael Bradley: To have someone show him how to play as a number 6 again. Needs to show that he doesn't need the other midfielders behind him to cover for his play.

For Jozy Altidore: More consistency and less injuries. It would also be nice if the team acquired a new right winger who could feed him the ball and give Jozy more chances to score.

For All The Youth On The Team: An opportunity to play and show their worth. Whether it be through the Voyageurs Cup or league play.

For Greg Vanney: A clear message that he needs to get top calibre results with this team. By applying pressure on him, it will provide Greg with the opportunity to prove himself as the right coach for this team.

For Bill Manning: To make sure that no one hires Jason Kreis. Bill needs his back up plan just in case Greg doesn't work out.

For The Fans: There are two things on their list. The first is a reason to believe that this team will be different this year. The second is for BMO Field to remain a great place to watch and play soccer. Hopefully, this will not change with the Argos moving in.

Whether or not the Toronto FC organization is capable of providing everyone with what they need remains to be seen. They have a couple of more months to get everything in order. But until then as fans all we can do is wait and hope for the best.

Happy Holidays And A Happy New Year To All, what's on your Toronto FC wish list this year?