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T'Was the Night Before Toronto FC Christmas

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James Hutton's take on the holiday classic.

Larry French/Getty Images

T'was the night before Christmas and all through the ground
Not a player could be seen, no championship to be found

The lockers were cleaned out by the players with care
In the hopes that new defenders soon would be there

Bez was reading MLS rules which he had dread
As dreams of last season danced through his head

Giovinco golassos helped prove his worth
While the win over New York led to a post season birth

The playoffs were fun for about 18 minutes
While the rest of the game made his face grimace.

As he looked out the window Bez wished allowed
"I need something more to bring back the crowds"

When all of a sudden a plane swooped down low
just missed the south stand and landed in the snow

Awaking from his dream Bez ran down the steps
he tossed on his jacket and adjusted his specs

As he approached the plane his heart beat harder
Upon closer inspection it was MLS chartered

The door opened wide and a man jumped out of the plane
His red suit stood out on the plastic terrain

"Are you Santa Claus?!" Bez called out in a fit
The round man nodded, he couldn't believe it!

"Where's your sleigh?" Bez inquired, his voice sounded rough
"You put in new turf" he replied "They wont land on this stuff"

Bez rolled his eyes and asked "what brings you to BMO?"
"Drake says it's the Six where fans have the most woes"

"Its was a long stretch without playoffs and cheer
I've brought you some things to help with next year"

He reached into his bag and pulled out a case
"It's your TAM allocation, don't spend it all in one place"

"You made all this fuss to bring me this stuff?"
"Don't' worry little Tim, theres more coming up"

Santa reached into his sack and pulled out more gifts
"Here are a few items that should gift your spirits a lift"

"Heres a ball and chain to keep Giovinco from leaving,
and the MVP award to keep the fans beaming."

"Thanks?" Bez questioned, surprised of the recent proceedings
As he looked at his gifts he couldn't describe what he was feeling

"That's all from me" as Santa picked up his sack
He turned around in the snow and didn't look back

He boarded his plane as the engines revved up
Bez looked bewildered as he began to backup

The plane took off quickly as Bez gathered his gear
He looked up in time to see Santa disappear

As Santa flew out of sight over the Don Valley Parkway
There was one more shout Bez heard him say

"To all of Toronto and the best fans in MLS
Happy Holidays to all, I wish you the best of success!"

Happy Holidays from all of us at Waking the Red, we hope both the festive season and the off season brings you happiness and cheer.