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After the Anthem #6: TFC Keeper Cleanout, Will Johnson's Future and CanMNT

On the sixth episode of the After the Anthem podcast, the lads wrap up the season's for all three Canadian teams.

Dan Hamilton-USA TODAY Sports

After a long absence the After the Anthem podcast is back! Since the lads were last on air all three Canadian teams were eliminated from the Major League Soccer playoffs, so that is where the discussion starts. Mitchell Tierney of Waking the Red and Michael Norton of Last Word on Sports wrap up the season that was for all three Canadian teams.

They also look at Toronto FC's recent roster moves, and what they say about the future of the franchise. Knowing Toronto FC's history, they are probably bad omens, but the lads try their best to spin them in a positive light.

Then it's on to discussion about the Montreal Impact and Vancouver Whitecaps, both of whom were eliminated from the playoffs and now have discussions of their own to make going forward. We proceed to absolutely butcher a number of their player's names.

The two team's they lost to, the Columbus Crew and Portland Timbers are playing in the MLS Cup this weekend. We do an impromptu preview of that game, and both pick the Crew to win, which might be seen as sacrilege in these parts.

This lead's into a bizarre discussion about the technological advances we could see soccer making in order to improve tactics. It isn't necessarily the best idea, but we seem to like it.

Finally, both Canada's men's and women's teams have topics surrounding their various forms of trying to qualify for things. Who will? Who won't? Could Canada score against Mexico? Questions?

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