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Toronto FC's 2016 New Year's Resolutions

Toronto FC have plenty of things to fix in the next year, hopefully they can accomplish some of the following.

Eric Bolte-USA TODAY Sports

January 1st is a time to plan and not follow through on a series of unrealistic and ambitious goals. It is a time to fool yourself that this year is finally going to be different. How are you going to make sure that happens? You're just going to do it, that's all.

Toronto FC have some New Year's Resolution of their own. Some are obvious and attainable. Others are lofty and unrealistic.

Play Competent Defence

Toronto FC will score enough goals to get by with an average defensive record in 2016. What does competent defence even mean? It means Jackson not playing RB. It means not systematically breaking down on the counter time and time again - especially at the most crucial of times (playoffs).

Setting out to only play ‘competent defence' is a good way to manage expectations and is likely one that they can attain. With how the defence looks on paper - which we all know is of greatest importance - Toronto FC appears unlikely to disappoint.

Who are we kidding, though? Top 5 in goals conceded is where we are heading.

Acquire Above Average Keeper

I don't think I'm asking for too much here. He doesn't even need to be great at anything. How about an average ball stopper, distributor of the ball and someone who can handle set pieces? Perhaps not a keeper that can win games with his play but simply a keeper that ensures his play doesn't lose you games will do. Not that I'm accusing the previous stoppers of such crimes, however.

I think Bez will deliver on this. He will acquire an above average keeper capable of everything mentioned above. It will likely turn out with him shitting the bed, losing confidence and us turning to Roberts/Bono. Come on folks - it's TFC. We can't have nice things.

Home Playoff Game

Please? We all want this so bad. It can even rain during it. We won't even get wet this year. I won't believe it's real until kick off either. Last season I had already purchased my tickets (thanks for the ‘speedy' reimbursement, by the way) and came up with multiple ethical excuses as to why I had to be somewhere else so I could cheer Toronto FC as they played towards defeat in their first home playoff game.

If there's one advice everyone should have for a New Year's Resolution it should be to set the bar low. For TFC, it all ties back to success and the playoffs in 2016. Will Toronto FC finally fulfill this resolution or leave us feeling as empty as