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New Toronto FC kit leaked complete with sponsor

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The latest kit leak provides fans with the most complete view of the 2015 home shirt as it includes not only the design but also the sponsor.

Dan Hamilton-USA TODAY Sports

The full 2015 Toronto FC home kit is finally here.  After a number of previous leaks showed fans what it would look like if it were blank the latest leak shows the new shirt complete with a sponsor on the front of it.

Despite MLSE speaking to a number of potential new sponsors for the front of TFC's shirt it seems that in the end the best option was to work out a new deal with the Bank of Montreal.  It seems that the deal will run for two years so that it expires at the same time as the stadium naming rights at which point TFC and MLSE would be able to cash in on both deals at the same time.

So with BMO back here is what TFC will be wearing this season:

Gio kit

It has actually grown on me quite a bit since the first leak at may be my favourite Toronto FC home shirt in quite some time.  Let us know what you think of the complete look in the poll and comments.