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Footage of Giovinco in his First Game with Toronto FC

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The cameras have been on Sebastian Giovinco ever since he landed in Toronto. His first preseason game against Oklahoma City Energy was no different, as the Italian's every move were caught on an ISO camera the club had set up for the match.

Claudio Villa/Getty Images

Stepping from Serie A action with one of the planet's most storied soccer clubs into preseason action with an MLS club against one from USL has to be nothing short of bizarre. The adjustment period is evident, as has been demonstrated time and time again by players from top flight European clubs who make the trek across the pond.

Thanks to Toronto FC, the first steps of that adjustment process were captured on camera. The club has released the video footage from a camera set up during Toronto's preseason opener against the Oklahoma City Energy with the sole purpose of watching the Italian's every move.

There is nothing groundbreaking about the footage. Giovinco doesn't yell at any teammates, in fact his communication seems very limited considering the language barrier. He doesn't do anything with the ball that is particularly impressive. However, there is still something captivating about watching his expression and movement.

One would assume that these sort of behind the scene cameras continue throughout the season, and while editorialized should display a different view of the action on the field. I think just about everyone would be interested in a game by game action Jackson camera.