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Toronto FC Officially Announce 2015 Home Kit

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Love it or hate it, the long rumoured Toronto FC home kit was officially announced by the club today.

Jonathan Dyer-USA TODAY Sports

When a blurry twitter photo originally displayed Toronto FC's new kit home kit, there was plenty of mixed reaction. The Waking The Red comments varied from the common "practice jersey" analogy referring to the simplicity of the kit to calling it "the ugliest soccer shirt ever". The general consensus was disappointment, although to be fair it wasn't a great photo.

By the time a better view of the kit was leaked a few days later, that opinion had changed slightly. With a more clear view, the "simplicity" of the jersey that was originally criticized became a positive. In the past, especially recently, Toronto FC has gone for more extravagant kits with a lot of detail. Their 2014 home kit was the definition of busy, with maple leafs and designs every which way.

It's simple and nothing special compared with the Onyx kit that was launched during jersey week last season. However, in a jersey week that apparently should have been spelled "jersey weak", the Toronto kit has turned to be one of the best ones. It doesn't have graph paper, or look like a bad Christmas golf shirt like New England Revolution.

The only real drawback to the new TFC uniform is the shorts, which look like they were more Toronto Raptors inspired than anything. Long shorts have never looked good with soccer uniforms, and these are no different. The mid-eighties short shorts would have been better. It doesn't matter that much to supporters, but it won't look all that well on the field.

The kits are now available online for purchase, and the long-sleeve looks particularly nice. Retail price is slightly more expensive than it was last season: $130.00 for short sleeve and $140.00 for the longsleeve.  It officially launches in stores on March 7.