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Potential Toronto FC home jersey leaked

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A photo is making the rounds that includes a number of new MLS kits. None of them are released yet so the league could have a major leak that would totally spoil kit week.

Jozy holding up a jersey he won't wind up wearing
Jozy holding up a jersey he won't wind up wearing
Dan Hamilton-USA TODAY Sports

Toronto FC are set to get a new home kit for the 2015 MLS season.  The onyx kit will continue to serve as the away kit but the home shirt is to be replaced based on the system of replacing one kit each season that MLS clubs have moved to in recent years.

We now seem to have gotten our first glimpse of what the new kit will look like thanks to a photo that is making the rounds on twitter.  The photos includes a number of different kits that have not been released with Toronto being among them.  The fact that several of the kits shown on the wall in the image matchup with other leagues that we have seen in recent weeks for other clubs would suggest that there is a good chance that this is accurate and TFC will be wearing the kit hanging on the wall for their home games the next two years.

It is worth noting that the kit is lacking in any form of sponsor on the front.  The previous sponsor, BMO, will not be on the front of the shirt next season and the club has been actively looking to replace them but have yet to announce a new sponsorship deal.  It is possible that a deal could be in place before the kit goes on sale to the general public during Jersey Week but for now it is blank with no sponsor being in place.

The rest of the kit seems to be quite simple compared to what we have seen in recent years.  It is not possible to tell from such a small image if the kit includes any of the embossed patriotism that has been rampant on recent version of TFC shirts but on the whole it seems that adidas have toned down the design for TFC while getting more more elaborate for other teams (look at that Portland Chevron!)

The kit seems to make use of onyx again to match the away jersey as the dark grey features on the shoulders and on the trim of the kit.  Other than that it all appears to be pretty much a standard red.  Not really anything about that design to get all that excited about.

From a distance it looks like little more than any other adidas shirt that you could buy at your local sportschek but I am sure that once we get a closer view of things the parts of the image that appear to be slightly different shades of red will prove to be maple leaves made up of smaller maple leaves.  If they didn't have that it just would not be a TFC shirt.