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Sebastian Giovinco Press Conference Live Stream: Date, Time, How to Watch

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After yesterday's commotion at the airport, the atomic ant is in Toronto. Today he will be revealed to the media for the first time at the Air Canada Centre.

Valerio Pennicino/Getty Images

Sebastian Giovinco Introductory Press Conference

11:00 AM EST 


Jermain Defoe's arrival last year may have been a "bloody big deal", but even he didn't shut down Pearson Airport the way Sebastian Giovinco was able to do yesterday. Apparently a grown man cried, and it wasn't Larry Tanenbaum when he saw how much Italian's would be willing to pay for tickets and merchandise now that the team had finally marketed to them.

He also likely broke a longstanding Toronto FC record: most selfies taken by a player. While definitive data remains unclear, it is fair to speculate that the record was previously held by Paul Mariner. Now everyone will hope he can echo this success on the field. First, however, he will have to face the Toronto media, who likely haven't forgotten last season when this exact situation played out with Jermain Defoe.

Follow along with the livestream below and the live thread with up to date reaction and news in the comment section:

Here's a picture of Giovinco arriving at Pearson Airport: