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A Look at the Potential 2015 Toronto FC Home Kit

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Supporters were initially shocked at how bland the leaked Toronto FC home kit was, saying as a result that it couldn't possibly be the actual kit. It looks like it will be, as today a better picture of the kit surfaced on twitter.

Kelvin Kuo-USA TODAY Sports

Major League Soccer Jersey week is coming up, but thanks to the Internet it isn't always that big of a surprise when the kits come out officially. As always, the league has had a difficult time keeping phone cameras away from its kits. Although somehow, it always tends to be the worst phone cameras that take the pictures. The Vancouver Whitecaps, New York Red Bulls, Houston Dynamo, Seattle Sounders and now Toronto FC have all had their kits released early as a result.

While the initial Toronto FC jersey leak was blurry and made it difficult to tell what the club was going for, a tweet earlier today may have shed more light on what the kit will look like in 2015.

The kit is bland, certainly, but looks better than it did in the blurry wall photo that surfaced online earlier this week. It isn't a "training jersey" as some called that initial look, but there isn't anything particularly creative about it either. After the success of the Onyx kits last season, the club seems to have embraced black as their official second colour.

The kit itself seems like one that will grow on supporters more than make an initial impression. It will look far better on the field than it ever does in a picture. It will be the reverse of the last kit in that sense, which looked better on the shelves than it ever did on the field.

Where as there was a lot of detail on the last kit, this one keeps it simplistic. The photo appears to show that there are lines in the red instead of it being a straight colour however, which is a nice touch. The red also looks solid in contrast to the black Adidas stripes on the shoulders.

Those who have complained in the past about Toronto kits pandering too much to Canadians with all the maple leafs will be more pleased with this one. There is only one leaf, on the lower left hand side. We can call that leaf Jonathan Osorio, as the only Canadian content on Toronto FC this year.

It is somewhat bizarre to say, but the kit will also probably look better once it has a sponsorship name across the chest. Somehow, jersey sponsorships have found a way to make themselves appear integral to the visual appeal of a kit. They don't look complete without it.

The kit likely won't be defined by looks, however, and will become more or less iconic based on how the team is able to perform while it is worn.