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Columbus Crew vs. Toronto FC: Game Thread

Follow along as Toronto FC play their rival Columbus Crew in the first game of the 2015 Trillium Cup, with Toronto looking to defend their 2014 title.

John E. Sokolowski-USA TODAY Sports

Toronto FC vs. Columbus Crew

MAPFRE Stadium, 7:30 PM EST


Toronto FC and Columbus Crew may be one of the most confusing rivalries in professional sports. There is no real reason, traditional or otherwise, that should make them rivals. The cities are close to one another, true, and there was no natural rival for Toronto when they came into the league as there now is with the Vancouver Whitecaps and Montreal Impact.

However, there is no question that this is a true rivalry, not one fabricated by the league as has been suggested at times. It is one with a rich history, that is worth briefly reviewing before tonight eight edition of the Trillium Cup kicks off.


Year Winner Scores
2008 Columbus Crew 2-0 (Crew), 0-0, 1-1
2009 Columbus Crew 1-1, 1-1, 3-2 (Crew)
2010 Columbus Crew 2-0 (Crew), 2-2
2011 Toronto FC 1-1, 4-2 (Toronto)
2012 Columbus Crew 1-0 (Crew), 2-1 (Crew), 2-1 (Crew)
2013 Columbus Crew 1-0 (Crew), 2-1 (Toronto), 2-0 (Crew)
2014 Toronto FC 2-0 (Toronto), 3-2 (Toronto), 3-2 (Toronto)

All Time Tournament Scorers

Goals Players
6 Higuain (COL)
2 Schelotto (COL), Gaven (COL) Wiedeman (TFC), Oduro (COL), Defoe (TFC), Osorio (TFC), Meram (COL)
1 Moffat (COL), Moreno (COL), Robinson (TFC), Noonan (COL), Barrett (TFC), Lehnart (COL), Garey (COL), De Rosario (TFC), Gerba (TFC), Iro (COL), Marshall (COL), Hesmer (COL), Santos (TFC), Peterson (TFC), Tchani (TFC), Renteria (COL), Heinemann (COL), Mendoza (COL), Soolsma (TFC), De Guzman (TFC), Koevermans (TFC), Johnson (TFC), Anor (COL), Bradley (TFC), Nakajima-Farran (TFC), Henry (TFC), Viana (COL), Gilberto (TFC), Moore (TFC)

2009 Crew Stadium Antics

While the original part of the rivalry was maybe fabricated, what took place in 2009 validates the hatred between the two clubs, or at least their supporters. Travelling Toronto FC fans headed in droves to Crew Stadium, where they let off smoke bombs among other rowdy antics during a 1-1 draw. After the game, a heated stadium atmosphere boiled over into the parking lot. There was at least one Toronto fan tazered, while others were arrested. This resulted in discussion about whether or not hooliganism was slowly finding its way into the North American game. As a result of this incident there is still no love lost between the Crew and TFC supporters.

2011: Toronto FC's First Trillium Cup

Before last year Toronto FC had only ever won the Trillium Cup once, and that was in 2011 when a 4-2 victory at Crew Stadium clinched the trophy win. A goal by Julian De Guzman won the first trophy for Toronto in epic fashion, as he essentially body checked the Crew defender off the ball before firing it into the back of the net. While the Crew got close to equalizing, Danny Koevermans put the tie away.

2013: Andrew Wiedeman's Finest Moment

Three players in Toronto history have scored two goals in Trillium Cup history, and two of them combined for one of the the club's most memorable moments. They didn't win the trophy that year, but this win was the brightest spot in what could well be the club's darkest season. An early goal by Dominic Oduro had given the Crew a 1-0 lead, and into the 80th minute it looked like another forgettable loss for Toronto. Then, as the rain picked up at BMO Field, Jonathan Osorio tied the game. This set the stage for Andrew Wiedeman, who played injury time hero by sliding across the wet turf to score and send the remaining BMO Field supporters into an uproar.

2014: Toronto FC Dominate for Second Trillium Cup Victory

Last season didn't go as planned for Toronto FC, but it sure did when it came to Columbus. In their fourth game of the year Issey Nakajima-Farran and Michael Bradley combined to give the club a 2-0 victory. However, the highlight of their victory was the match that clinched it, a 3-2 comeback with a thrilling header from Doniel Henry late in the match.

Follow along in the chat below as Toronto hopes to re-create some of these moments in tonight's match. If you'd like to test whether or not you are smarter than Ryan Nelsen, you can do so here. Interested in what the Crew bring to the table this year? James Grossi has part one and two of Know Your Enemy to get you ready. If you want a Columbus perspective on the game, we forced ourselves to talk to Massive Report, SB Nation's Columbus Crew blog. Finally, Michael Veenstra once again previewed the match.