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Reports indicate Argos set to sign BMO Field lease

Sportsnet's Damien Cox has some bad news for Toronto FC deals as the inevitable arrival of the Argos at BMO Field is set to move one big step closer to happening.

Nick Turchiaro-USA TODAY Sports

For some time now it has felt like the dollars and cents of the deal is the only thing that has been preventing the Toronto Argonauts from calling BMO Field home.  The lack of the final contribution from the government levels put things on the back burning for a while but the plans remained in place to make BMO Field CFL friendly in time for the 2016 season just in case things could be resolved.

It seems that a resolution is coming closer with the Argos running out of time and having no other options for a new home once they are booted from the Rogers Centre by the Toronto Blue Jays.  With BMO Field the only real facility in the city that could be converted to allow for the CFL team to play there and no chance of the team getting public funds to build a new stadium it seems to be that a lease deal between the CFL franchise and MLSE is the only viable solution.

According to Sportsnet reporter Damien Cox such a lease deal could be just around the corner.

The details are obviously still limited at this point but if someone like Cox is tweeting about it then the official confirmation is likely not going to be far behind.  The signing of a lease deal between the two sides would mean that the final phase of the BMO Field renovations would go forward as initially planned including the movable south stands to accommodate the additional length of a CFL playing field.

Some of the big questions will have to be addressed moving forward but for now this is news that will certainly make TFC fans unhappy.  The Argos fans on the other hand, will probably be quite happy that this long process is finally moving towards a suitable resolution which could provide some much needed stability for their franchise.

Update: Seems the deal may not be quite done yet but Argos owner David Braley did confirm to Sean Fitzgerald that talks are still on going between the two sides.  A lease still seems to be the most likely outcome.