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MLS Jersey Week: Waking The Red Announce 2015 Home Kit

Waking The Red would like to proudly announce the only kit not to be leaked prior to the 2015 edition of Jersey Week. Even Footy Headlines couldn't get an advanced look at Mark Hinkley's brilliant design.

The 2015 Waking The Red
The 2015 Waking The Red
Mark Hinkley

With much labour and design expenses (and because the league makes us do this each and every year) Waking The Red is pleased to announce our 2015 home kit in the midst of MLS jersey week. The kit was design by Vocal Minority's self proclaimed "kit nerd" Mark Hinkley (@kitnerdmark). It encompasses everything the site needs to create tons and tons of click bait for the Giovinco-loving Italian community continue to provide some of the best Toronto FC coverage on the web.

The Story Behind the Kit

After the site has struggled due to years of oppression under a tyrannical British overlord, the site is looking for this kit to represent a new chapter in our history. For this upcoming season, we have brought in experienced and well regarded football personnel who will insure that our coverage is of top quality and exclusively in Dutch. Our new crop of writers all have experience with Ajax Academy, and will demonstrate their worth in the Winter months ahead.

The new kit truly has the heart of our site on its sleeve, as the picture of that beautiful young gentlemen will inspire our team forward. On the front are contributors and commentators who have played a huge role in the success of this site are listed on the front. On the back, we have our "favourite" trolls. "getoutofmykitchen" didn't originally fit, but thankfully he recently changed his name.....

We are also happy to demonstrate the Canadiana behind our kit! There are maple leafs on each shoulder of the kit made of 25% gluten free maple syrup and 100% pure pandering. We are committed to developing Canadian soccer going forward, and that is why our roster consists of six Americans, an Italian, A Pole, A Frenchmen, A Scotsman and a Colombian Jonathan Osorio.

Because we are so committed to you the supporters, we are only raising kit prices $20.00 from what they were last season! By that we mean the short sleeve is only $20.00 more than last seasons long-sleeve edition. Now give us your money, before we find some other more efficient way to take it from you!