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Are you smarter than Ryan Nelsen?: Round 1

Were you disappointed that you didn't get to win the 2014 Are you smarter than Paul Mariner title? Did you only jump in halfway through the season? Did your play fizzle out in the final third of the season just like TFC? Fear not! The #1 guess the score in the next TFC match is back for 2015.

Stew Milne-USA TODAY Sports

Is it just me or did the off-season fly by? It seemed like every week there was something happening with TFC whether it was the expansion draft, Super Draft, signing DP's or finding existing ones new homes this was a typical TFC off-season with plenty of action. Now it is time to get back to the thing we all came to see, the action on the field.

Are you smarter than (insert Head Coach from the previous season’s name here) is back for the 2015 season. It was a close call for a while last season but TFC came through and canned Ryan Nelsen so we wouldn’t have to have two individuals holding the Smarter Than Mariner title.

Scoring will remain the same as the previous season; 2 points for the correct result, 1 point for the correct TFC score and 1 point for the correct opponent score. Post in the comment section below or mention me in a tweet (@Stouffvillain) before kick-off to be eligible each week.

TFC opens in Vancouver this weekend…Are you smarter than Ryan Nelsen? is officially open!