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Toronto FC 2014 Top 30 Countdown: Review

The results are in and its time to look back at all of the player profiles from the 2014 Toronto FC Top 30 countdown.

Greg Bartram-USA TODAY Sports

Editorial Note: First off, I think a slight apology is deserved. The TFC Top 30/40 countdown has been a solid staple of Waking The Red offseason coverage. This year unfortunately due to a change in management and a shifting staff we were unable to see it done in the quality manner it has been in the past. I take full responsibility for this disorganization, but know it wasn't my intent. As a result we were forced to trim down the series from 40 to 30 and it was far less consensus than in the past. Furthermore, it took a lot longer than anticipated and therefore may have lost interest of the reader. For this I also apologize.

Toronto FC's 2015 season kicked off on Saturday but before we look forward to the future, here is a full look a the 2014 TFC Top 30 countdown. In each piece there will be a preview of what can be expected of the player this season, and how they will fit into the current team. Below is a link to each entry in the full countdown and how each player has improved/regressed from last season's rankings.

1. Justin Morrow (New)

2. Steven Caldwell (Down from 1)

3. Mark Bloom (Up from 18)

4. Joe Bendik (Down from 3)

5. Michael Bradley (New)

6. Gilberto (New)

7. Jermain Defoe (New)

8. Nick Hagglund (New)

9. Luke Moore (New)

10. Jonathan Osorio (Down From 4)

11. Doneil Henry (Down From 6)

12. Julio Cesar (New)

13. Collen Warner (New)

14. Issey Nakajima-Farran (New)

15. Dominic Oduro (New)

16. Jackson (New)

17. Bradley Orr (New)

18. Daniel Lovitz (New)

19. Dwayne De Rosario (New)

20. Kyle Bekker (Up from 21)

21. Jordan Hamilton (New)

22. Warren Creavalle (New)

23. Andrew Wiedeman (Down From 15)

24. Ashtone Morgan (Down From 10)

25. Bright Dike (Down From 14)

26. Quillan Roberts (New)

27. Jeremy Hall (Down From 11)

28. Ryan Richter (Down from 24)

29. Manny Aparicio (New)

30. Chris Mannella (New)