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Benito Floro: Akindele Close, BMO Field Could Be Unavailable and De Ro's Status

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There were a number of national team talking points coming out of an interesting press conference with Canadian manager Benito Floro.

Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

Canadian manager Benito Floro played a stagehand this afternoon, as he pulled back the curtain on several longstanding questions about the Canadian national team. Asked everything from whether Canada intends on playing outside of Toronto to whether or not Junior Hoilett is finally ready to commit to the national team, Benito Floro had answers. More than a few of them were surprising.

The most important piece of information had to do with FC Dallas forward Tesho Akindele, who has dual citizenship between Canada and the United States. Last year's MLS rookie of the year looked unlikely to play for the national team after denying a call up to play for Canada in favour of joining the American national team camp.

However, Floro seems incredibly confident, to use his words 99.9 per cent confident, that Akindele will in fact play for Canada. While the decision is not final he believes Akindele made a mistake with his earlier actions, and will correct that by joining the Canadian side.

"With Akindele we are close," he said. "But we still have to fix his situation."

Floro was asked about several players, including Ethan Finlay of Columbus Crew and Steven Vitoria of Philadelphia Union, all of whom are eligible to play for Canada. However, he quickly singled out Akindele from this group, calling him a "good kid".

This could be a huge development for a Canadian team that has struggled to score goals. The 23-year-old would help that in a huge way: he had 7 MLS goals last season and has 2 goals in six games this year.

BMO Field may not be available in November

In a development a little bit closer to home, Benito Floro let it slip that CSA president Victor Montagliani had said BMO Field may not be available as a venue for World Cup qualifier games in November. He was not able to offer a reason for this, but if this is true it certainly demands questions as to why it will not be possible for Canada to play there.

Floro says that Canada will be looking for other places to play, and considers the quality of pitch to be incredibly important to which venue would be selected. This would certainly make Montreal's Saputo Stadium the favourite to host. Although, depending upon who Canada are playing, the Rogers Centre could be a possibly as well. All of this is evidently pure speculation at this point.

Canada not sure of Dwayne De Rosario's status

Benito Floro was unable to give any substantial update about whether or not Dwayne De Rosario is retired. De Rosario has played for Canada earlier this year and had a pair of goals in two friendlies against Iceland, increasing his total as the most prolific scorer in Canadian national team history.

He did say, however, that if De Rosario is to be called up in the future he will have to be playing club football. After years of allowing unattached players on the Canadian roster, it seems Floro is now looking to insure the players he calls up are playing club football. There was only one unattached player on his last roster, and Julian De Guzman has since joined the Ottawa Fury.

Junior Hoilett still hasn't made a decision

Floro has been in conversation with Queen's Park Rangers star Junior Hoilett, but says that Hoilett's position towards playing for the national team has not changed. Hoilett still hasn't made a decision about his future in international competition, or whether or not it will be with Canada or Jamaica.

The two did meet face to face in 2013, where Floro outlined how important Hoilett could be to the program. It is a belief that he still holds today, and hopes that Junior will make good on the potential he could bring to his country of birth.