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What TFC II Did During their Bye Week

Ever wonder what a team does when they have a week off between games? Well you can find out what TFC II did after coming off a loss in New York two weeks ago.

Martin Bazyl

TFC II have looked good to start their first ever USL season, and even though they lost 4-1 to New York Red Bulls II, the team shouldn't bow their heads in shame and feel like they've accomplished nothing.  They have played competitive football each game and have showed good ball movement throughout.

Last week, TFC II had a bye week and got to rest themselves after being on the road since March 21st, and will be until they face the Rochester Rhinos on May 23rd at BMO Field, which will hopefully be ready by that time.

"We've been managing their legs this week. We trained Monday/Tuesday quite hard. Today will be a video session in preview of Vancouver. Then back on the pitch Thursday/Friday and travel Saturday, do a quick recovery and then play the game Sunday." said Head Coach Jason Bent on Wednesday about what he and his staff put their players through to get back into game mode with a big rivalry game versus Vancouver Whitecaps II on Sunday.

"There's a bit of relaxation, but were always focused and ready to go whenever.  We take the two days off and go back on Monday and Tuesday and be ready to go again." said midfielder Mark-Anthony Kaye who has been impressing the TFC II staff and fans.

"Early last week we kind of relaxed, did some fun sessions, some competitions inside the team. That was good for us to get the mentality up after the loss at Red Bulls." said keeper Alex Bono.

Coming off a tough match against a superior New York Red Bulls II side, a week off can help a team get back to playing like they did before and move on to the next game with confidence and energy.  If you thought a bunch of kids would take the bye week to relax and not prepare for the next match, well you were wrong. Even though the team is very young they are giving it their all and practicing to become better players for the future.  The coaching staff is pushing them and giving them time to relax and bond as a team.

The young Reds look for their second win in four games when they head out and play fellow Canadian expansion club Vancouver Whitecaps II on Sunday April 19 at 6:00 EST.