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Are you smarter than Ryan Nelsen?: Round 5

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Another bye week is in the books and it's time to get back down to business.

Is HE smarter than Nelsen????
Is HE smarter than Nelsen????
Dennis Wierzbicki-USA TODAY Sports

Off of another bye TFC get back on a plane this time headed to Big D.  The opening season win in Vancouver feels like ages ago now and TFC are looking to get off of a 3 game losing streak (which feels much longer thanks to multiple early season bye weeks).

The chances are both teams are heading into this weekends match with some level of optimism.  Dallas gets to play in the comfortable conditions that they are used to with the home crowd behind them.  Looking to right the 4-0 loss to Colorado last week FC Dallas attackers must be licking their chops when they read the injury report and see all the TFC defenders still on it.  A make shift back line could be exactly what the doctor ordered for Dallas to get things back on track.

While they have always had a poor road record TFC can look to FC Dallas' last two matches and see that this is a team that can be had on the attack.  After conceding seven, yes seven, goals in their last two matches FC Dallas doesn't looks as tough as they did three weeks ago.  There should be plenty of opportunity for Giovinco and Altidore to connect and hopefully bag a few for the good guys.

So who's slide continues?  Post your predictions below or tweet them to me @Stouffvillain.

As always 1 point for correct TFC score, 1 point for correct opponent score and 2 points for a correct result.

Here are the current standings.

TFCfan_427 9
moosefc 9
SaskTFCFan 8
Duncan Fletcher 8
bully brew 8
snellt 7
HeavyRedFlow 7
TheBoffin 7
@pearceRPB 7
Ghost of TFC Future 7
Footy Wolverines Go Blue 6
Stouffvillain 6
Seth Greenan 6
dcherk 5
julian77 5
@timmerj_75 5
StoneMonkey 5
zicogold 4
Sven87 4
TFC is Killing Me 4
Wilco V 4
ajaxaman 4
MrTuktoyaktuk 4
The Real SK TFC Fan 4
djopel00 4
danninho 4
Rsanchez 4
mitchelltierney 4
MatterMote 4
d dubya 3
AMS1984 3
mxhammers 3
henryforpm 3
Jeremy Tod 3
soccerfan2012 3
christopher.bedard.9 3
1-4-4-2 3
charles_316 3
TARV12 2
stoppage_time 2
david.riddles 2
TheKaptin 2
Michaelvee 2
Copes 2
B like fonz 2
Torontofan813 1
PSoNumber9 1
Lord Flashheart 1
Nick P. 1
Toronto Tony 1
C to the D 1
N3WT 1
Mint-e 1