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Downpour Defeat: Toronto FC outlasted by FC Dallas

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It may have been one of the most bizarre games in Toronto FC history, but the result was the same. The club is now 1-4-0 to start the season and as a result there are more storms to whether on the horizon.

Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

With the lightning, thunder and nightmarish start to the match, last night quickly turned into a horror movie for Toronto FC. What made things worse is that they brought it on themselves, as they were once again completely outclassed before the weather decided to intervene.

The club was able to save a little bit of face after a three hour and 23 minute weather delay: turning their 3-0 deficit into a 3-2 loss. This was almost exclusively courtesy of some magic from Sebastian Giovinco. They call Texas the lone star state, on this occasion Giovinco was the lone star against FC Dallas.

There is no reason at this point for Toronto to give up hope when they have a player who can score two magnificent goals with that sort of ease. He cares, he is performing and he is probably only going to get better with time.

The problem is his teammates are unravelling around him, as the team looks more and more out of sync with each passing match. They were supposed to be improving, gelling, as time went on. So far the moments when they have truly been "all for one" have been few and far between.

Dallas dominated the 42 minutes of game time that came before the weather stoppage, and Toronto FC were "lucky" to only be down only 3-0. Fabian Castillo was just as good as Giovinco, scoring two goals in the first ten minutes of the match. Blas Perez had the other off of a horrendous defensive miscommunication.

It seems like right back has been the place where Toronto's season has gone to die, no matter who is manning the position. Nick Hagglund had likely his worst performance of his young career on the right flank last night, allowing Castillo to beat him on both goals. Mark Bloom cannot return soon enough.

Things weren't much better in the middle, where the Justin Morrow at centreback experiment has continued to be a disappointment. Morrow, who is usually the best player in terms of positioning on the team, seemed to get lost often.

When Toronto had the ball things were just as concerning. While Giovinco was putting together a memorable performance, Jozy Altidore was once again forgettable, as the American international has failed to have any sort of major impact since the first game of the season.

Altidore has reverted back to Sunderland form, where he did all the right things with the exception of putting the ball in the back of the net. Toronto didn't bring Altidore here to defend, the brought him here to score. Something has to chance on that front and quickly.

With the way things started, and the delay, it was no surprise that yesterday brought out a certain narrative that has been present below the surface the entire season: the future of coach Greg Vanney. Under his lead Toronto FC are 3-11-2 with only one clean sheet which came against the now defunct Chivas USA last season.

Perhaps Robin Fraser is in place to do exactly what Vanney did last year, take over if things start to falter. Well, they are faltering, and if Vanney and the team continue at this pace he won't be the coach for long. At least he shouldn't be, but MLSE tends to have an odd attachment to their coaches as of late.

One can only hope that as the credits roll on this five hour long affair Toronto FC have learned something from digging their own grave, only to be partially washed out of it. Maybe, just maybe, the rain will wake them up and this disaster of a road trip will have a happy ending.