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TFC II vs Vancouver Whitecaps II Match Recap & Highlights

In a very physical match that saw red cards for both teams, this battle of top Canadian soccer Academies ended in a 1-1 draw.

Martin Bazyl

It was a very physical game in Vancouver's Thunderbirds Stadium as TFC II and the Whitecaps II played to a 1-1 draw. Both teams were seeking their second win of the season and personal pride was on the line.  The Whitecaps seemed to want to start the game fast out of the gate and that's what they did. The trio of Caleb Clarke, Victor Blasco and Ben McKendry proved to be a daunting task for the TFC II defence.

Clarke opened the scoring in the 32nd minute with a nice chip shot that went over keeper Quillan Roberts when Roberts came up in hopes to stop the Canadian starlet from getting a chance at goal.  However with his side already down 1-0 in a tough rivalry game Roberts made some stellar saves to allow side to not go down any more before the half. Clearly the time spent in Wilmington last year really helped Roberts grow as a player and allow him to play in a league he is very familiar with.

After the goal, TFC II was trying desperately to tie this game before half time. In the second half, Jason Bent changed around some tactics and motivated his team to push forward and be wary of the attacking options this Whitecaps II team has.  TFC II's fortunate changed in the second half when they were able to break the deadlock after a Raheem Edwards cross that was finished with a superb header from Jay Chapman.

After the header from Chapman, TFC really started to pressure the Whitecaps II backline. With that happening, the Whitecaps had nothing to do but increase their physicality and stop any shots heading for goal.  Forward Victor Blasco took that message and delivered a very selfish foul that lead to his second yellow.  All Blasco could do is walk off the pitch since he knew he committed a dirty tackle which could've costed his team another goal. The physical play did not end their, as Mark Anthony Kaye got involved with a dirty tackle on Ben McKendry which earned him his second yellow and brought this game back even with 10 men on each side.

Nunes then had golden opportunity in the 72nd that almost sealed a win on the road for the young reds, but he got under the ball and skied it way over the bar.  TFC II threw everything they could at the Whitecaps and really hoped to get a win at the end, but a draw is still a good result that both teams deserved.

The first half was all Whitecaps as they did not looked at all to be affected to playing three road games in a week.  However the second half was a different story has TFC II used their full backs to cross balls in and even have goes at the net.  TFC II was the superior team in the second half and this game should've ended as a tie.

Player of the Game

Very hard to decide who, since both sides played very well, but I think it should be given to Roberts who showed his experience in the USL last year paid off. Roberts made six key saves yesterday and helped keep his side in the game when the Whitecaps II applied a lot of pressure in the first half.

TFC II's fifth match will be against the Pittsburgh Riverhounds next week on April 25th, and their second match against a non expansion club.