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Greg Vanney on Short Leash as Rumours Emerge of Toronto Front Office Takeover

The Italian take over of Toronto FC could continue as rumours surface that Greg Vanney is on a short leash, and Toronto FC's backup plan is once again Italian.

Russ Isabella-USA TODAY Sports

With all the success Sebastian Giovinco has been having as a player with Toronto FC it is no surprise that the club may be looking to get even more Italian. ESPN FC writer David Amoyal is reporting that a loss in Toronto's next game against Orlando City SC would mean the end of Greg Vanney. Vanney's replacement, according to Amoyal, could be Italian.

It may not end there, as Amoyal is also reporting that "a former Milan director" could take over operations at Toronto FC, which could potentially mean Tim Bezbatchenko is on the hot seat as well. 

Recently, Maple Leaf Sports & Entertainment has seemed to establish a "scorched earth" policy, which was shown earlier this month with the Toronto Maple Leafs. The Leafs fired the majority of their coaching, management and scouting staff in a complete overhaul of their staff and front office.

The problem with Toronto FC is that they tend to do this a lot, and so far it has never worked. They have tried the European management rout before and discovered that foreigners have a difficult time understanding the intricacies of Major League Soccer.

The issue is that with Bezbatchenko and Vanney in the front office they have also tried the "MLS insider" approach, and clearly that isn't working out very well either. They missed out on hiring an experienced MLS manager/coach, but that would be too many steps forward at once for a team that doesn't learn anything quickly.

Under Vanney Toronto FC have been a horrendous 3-11-2 with only one clean sheet last season. While he has consistently demonstrated an intelligent comprehension of the sport and the issues that are facing the club he has struggled to solve them. Each one of his strategies seems to spring a new leak.

Meanwhile, Tim Bezbatchenko has done a fairly good job of constructing Toronto FC, but has been unable to solve the seemingly unsolvable riddle of TFC history: the backline. Even with the additions of Damien Perquis and Eriq Zavaleta Toronto has been unable to keep balls away and out of their net.

Others have denied this rumour, including John Molinaro of Sportsnet who tends to have a good relationship with Toronto FC management.

For the record, it was Waking The Red who reported the Pizza Pizza sponsorship, so ouch John. Turns out we got that one wrong, and there's a chance Amoyal might be wrong on this one as well.