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Clever Sebastian Giovinco Tally Nominated for Goal of the Week

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The atomic ant seemed electrified by the display of lightning in Dallas on Saturday, as he scored this beautiful display of skill.

Russ Isabella-USA TODAY Sports

Toronto FC hasn't hyped Sebastian Giovinco as much as they ever did with Jermain Defoe, but he has already lived up to the hype they have created. The Italian international has been on another level the past couple of games, and really ever since he pulled on the Toronto kit.

The rest of the league is taking notice, especially for the pair of goals he scored against FC Dallas this weekend. Both could have been up for goal of the week, but the one that MLS chose is truly stunning in its simplicity.

Giovinco collected a nice ball sent down field from Nick Hagglund, and on his second touch went around the Dallas defender. Somehow he kept it in before chipping the Dallas goalkeeper for Toronto's first goal of the game.

It was a goal that looked way easier than it was, as the degree of difficulty to pull something like that off is something else. This is perhaps why the goal earned a goal of the week nomination over his almost equally impressive free kick later in the match.

Toronto would ultimately lose the match 3-2 as Giovinco's efforts were not enough to salvage them a point, however his performance can certainly be considered a glimmer of hope. If he can keep this up it will hopefully inspire his teammates to raise their level of play in a similar way.

Winning goal of the week, however, will be a difficult task for Giovinco as he will have plenty of competition. Be it Mehdi Ballouchy's juke and finish after a nice build up from New York City, Higuan's back heel for Columbus Crew or Lamar Neagle's curler for the Seattle Sounders it is a strong voting class.

However, it is pretty clear that Obafemi Martins will take the cake. His turn through two defenders against the Colorado Rapids might be the best goal scored in the league all season, albeit just this week.

Either way, it is fantastic to see these sort of goals creeping into Major League Soccer. The better the product the quicker this league will be able to grow, and it is obvious that the product is growing.