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It's Far From Over: A Call for Optimism Among Toronto FC Supporters

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Lev Yashin explains why Toronto FC supporters shouldn't give up on this team yet, and why what seems like a disaster is far from the end.

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Looking at reports and comments from across websites and newspapers since the start of the 2015 season a Toronto FC fan could think that the season is over and done already. Our team has only played five games - all away from home -  winning one and losing four, as we are all aware.

Why are we already so full of angst and negativity when the real season starts for all of us on May 10 2015 at home against Houston.

Starting the season with seven games on the road is not the ideal scenario for the team nor for management but it is a good way to see just what we have and also what is needed. Throwing in the idiotic international friendlies coupled with 2 weeks off weeks right at the start does nothing for consistency either.

Injuries to Steven Caldwell and Damien Perquis really put the finishing touches to the problems facing coach Vanney as he started out on his first full season in charge of the team.  We now know that Mark Bloom was also injured so in comes Warren Creavalle to stake a claim for the right back spot but unfortunately he was not the shining light that was expected.

So this week's game against Orlando City is not at the desperation level that could see more wringing of hands and gnashing of teeth from fans across the board. This league is not a sprint but more like a marathon and once the games start flowing then so will TFC.  We have enough of the right pieces to get on a roll and actually look like the team which,on paper at least, should make the playoffs.

After the seven away games our record might not look entirely convincing but taking a look back at our first seven away games in the years from 2007 to 2014 this is how the record stands:

Of all of the 56 games played Toronto FC have a record of :

Won -8---Lost--34----Tied--14.

Only once have we looked competent in our first 7 away games and that was last year when we went:

Won---2---Lost---2--Tied --3.

I was hoping for something like this at the outset this year, but realistically  I will settle for 7 points from the 7 games which is still achievable from the 2 remaining games.

Let's all chill out for awhile and think of all those nice warm days watching TFC play . . .sandals, shorts, and a cold beverage . . . no parkas, no long johns, and no shivering with the freezing north wind in your face.

Management have put some good pieces together but by no means is this the finished product.  It takes 3 years to reach the ultimate goal of having a championship calibre team.

THREE YEARS NOT SEVEN GAMES. (Take a look at the Maple Leafs)

Year 1—see what you need .


Year 3—win the league.

I think there is room for optimism!  With a salary cap league every team is looking for the diamond in the rough.  Finding them gets harder each year so this is where the academy system kicks in.

Looking at the results from recent tournaments for u-12/u15/u17 it looks like a lot of talent is on the way up for the long term future of the club.  More optimism!

For this season I have seen enough quality in the team to feel confident of a play-off game being played  here at BMO Field.  When we're half way through the season, if we're close to achieving a good position, I am sure that management will get the pieces needed to get us over the line.

Time will tell, but my hope is for an entertaining summer of soccer - the beautiful game.