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Juventus legend Roberto Bettega linked to Toronto FC Presidency

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Add another name to the list of potential candidates for Toronto FC's Presidency. Roberto Bettega's name has been thrown in to the mix as someone the club could be interested in bringing in to fill the void.

Valerio Pennicino/Getty Images

It has been a busy Tuesday for Toronto FC rumours as the search for a new President seems to be heating back up.  After MLSE failed to land Garth Lagerwey in the offseason it seemed like the search for a new leader for the club was off,for the short term at least, but that may no longer be the case.

Earlier in the day, Sportsnet reported that one of the potential candidates for the presidency job at the club was AC Milan's Umberto Gandini.  He would certainly be a strong candidate for the job but if MLSE are actually doing their homework and properly searching for the best candidate he would not be the only one.

Fans did not have to wait long for another name to join the rumour mill for the position as Anthony Totera chimed in with a second potential candidate.

Battega would be another strong candidate for the position given his resume as a player and what he has done since his retirement.  He has the added bonus of a connection to Toronto thanks to the fact that he spent two seasons playing for the Toronto Blizzard in the old NASL.  He also has some history with Sebastian Giovinco as the duo overlapped at Juventus when Battega was serving as a deputy director-general.

As a player, Bettega made over 300 appearances for Juventus and is considered to be among the greatest players in the history of that storied club.  He also made 42 appearances for Italy notching 19 international goals before wrapping up his career with the Blizzard.

Post playing career his resume may not be as impressive as that of Gandini but his role with Juventus did see him playing a part in the transfer dealings of the club so he does have some experience in helping to build a roster.  He certainly has the connections in the soccer community but the question would be how he would preform in what would be a new role for him as president.

The list of candidates for the position will likely only grown longer in the coming weeks as it seems MLSE is committed to bringing in a President for the team.  We may even hear about a non-Italian candidate at some point but for now that seems to be the main place that they are looking.