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Are you smarter than Ryan Nelsen?: Round 6

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Sunday night football tonight! Feat. Kaka and TFC

Greg Bartram-USA TODAY Sports

Dallas is in the books and it's important that TFC, players and coaches, put that game behind them.  Sunday they will be on American television (2nd time in less than a week for a Canadian club) and will need to bring their best to Orlando.

OCSC hasn't won at home yet this season and TFC's back line is looking like it is getting healthier everyday.  This could be the first game in a while that we see Steven Caldwell take the pitch.  Alongside Perquis the defense looked solid earlier this year.  If the defense can get sorted out TFC can walk away with all three points, their first since opening weekend.

Orlando will obviously look to attack through Kaka but also have some other weapons that TFC will need to watch out for.  Brek Shea seemed to always have good games against TFC in the past and #1 overall pick Kyle Larin is a prime candidate to bag a goal against his hometown club.  Orlando are a fiery bunch and if TFC can get under their skin perhaps a call from an MLS official will go in favour of the good guys for once.

What's your call for this one?

Scoring; 2pts for correct result, 1 for correct TFC score and one for correct opponent score.  Post in the comments section below or mention me (@Stouffvillain) before kick-off to be eligible.

Here is the current standings

moosefc 10
SaskTFCFan 10
Duncan Fletcher 10
snellt 10
TFCfan_427 9
bully brew 9
@pearceRPB 8
zicogold 8
The Real SK TFC Fan 8
HeavyRedFlow 7
TheBoffin 7
Ghost of TFC Future 7
Footy Wolverines Go Blue 7
Stouffvillain 7
Seth Greenan 7
danninho 7
julian77 6
Wilco V 6
ajaxaman 6
dcherk 5
@timmerj_75 5
StoneMonkey 5
Sven87 5
MrTuktoyaktuk 5
MatterMote 5
david.riddles 5
TFC is Killing Me 4
djopel00 4
Rsanchez 4
mitchelltierney 4
mxhammers 4
henryforpm 4
Jeremy Tod 4
Lord Flashheart 4
d dubya 3
AMS1984 3
soccerfan2012 3
christopher.bedard.9 3
1-4-4-2 3
charles_316 3
TARV12 2
stoppage_time 2
TheKaptin 2
Michaelvee 2
Copes 2
B like fonz 2
PSoNumber9 2
Nick P. 2
Steven Schmidt 2
Torontofan813 1
Toronto Tony 1
C to the D 1
N3WT 1
Mint-e 1
Arjon 1