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Damien Perquis fined for simulation

Toronto FC's Damien Perquis was handed a fine by the disciplinary committee for an incident in the game against Orlando City that they ruled was simulation.

Anne-Marie Sorvin-USA TODAY Sports

On Wednesday, the MLS Disciplinary Committee handed down their weekly batch of fines and suspensions.  The list this weekend included a fine for one Toronto FC player for his involvement in this incident:

That is right, of the two players in that vine the one that is getting fined is Damien Perquis.  The official word from the DisCo is that the fine was for simulation in the 83rd minute.  For his involvement in the incident Orlando City's Bryan Rochez managed to avoid any form of punishment.

This is clearly not the first time that MLS' disciplinary committee has left fans scratching their heads at their decisions but is instead just another reason to wonder if these people really know how to do their job.

Granted, Perquis does make a meal of things in this incident by rolling around on the ground and clutching his face (a body part that Rochez did not touch).  In that sense he is guilty of simulation but that kind of reaction is fairly standard from any player in the game.

What he did not simulate though is the fact that he was clearly shoved in the chest by Rochez.  The young forward hit Perquis with two hands in the chest after the Swiss defender bumped in to him gently.  It was an over-reaction from Rochez that Perquis made the most of.

It seems like an odd incident to decide to fine the player for but this is MLS and they day they start making sense is the day they might finally be all grown up.  For now though, getting shoved in the chest and falling down is enough to get you a fine.