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Bent: TFCII Will Learn From Pittsburgh Loss

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After losing a very tough match against the Pittsburgh Riverhounds on Saturday, TFC II head coach Jason Bent explains what his team needs to work on in their upcoming bye week.

Martin Bazyl

TFC II embarks on a second bye week in five games, and after last Saturdays blowout loss to the Pittsburgh Riverhounds, a week off couldn't be more important. Defeating a veteran squad is never easy, but this team did not give up. Former Academy player Tyler Pasher showed off his skills and why he can still be a top player. Midfielder Rob Vincent bullied through players and showed his knowledge of the game to get two goals. Finally, the backline for the Riverhounds just proved to be a taunting task.

"We made some individual errors and collective errors that affected our performance," said head coach Jason Bent about what went wrong on Saturday in Pittsburgh. "At the same time there are things we can fix and it wasn't as if the opposition was playing through us or slicing through us to constantly put us under siege. It's early enough in the season that we can correct those problems as long as were willing to recognize our mistakes. If we can sort that out, then I think we will have a good chance to compete in games."

It is still early on in the season, with only five games played, but if TFC II can forget the loss on the weekend and look at what they did wrong, a win against Rochester could be their's.

When asked at what part of the game did he think his team lacked in, Bent said, "A lot of it is defensively, looking at our awareness and positional sense when we have the ball. If we end up losing possession, how can we get back into proper shape in order to slow down their transitions, which was an issue against Pittsburgh." Bent then added, "Looking at how we posses the ball and create chances, in the game against Pittsburgh we played quite well and created a lot of chances."

Which is what his side did, starting the game of with a Mo Babouli goal in the 16th minute.

After getting outplayed in the second half, coming back home is hard to deal with. "Anytime you lose 5-1 it's difficult for players and staff.  We regrouped the players, sat them down and went over our sort of deficiencies within the game," Bent said about how it's important to look back at errors and learn from them. "As long as were willing to work at it and improve, then we'll get over this lose and look towards the future. The players know that within themselves, within the first half of that game they were pretty much comfortable. Obviously the sending off changed the complexion of the match, so them knowing they were in a competitive game and doing quite well up into the half way point should hold them in some confidence."

Jason Bent Inducted into Brampton Sports Hall of Fame

Even though his team suffered a hard fate in Pittsburgh,  TFC II coach Jason Bent was named to the Brampton Sports Hall of Fame for his soccer accomplishments throughout his career.

"It's a huge honour. As a Brampton boy coming up, theres a lot of sports people coming through Brampton, so I think it's a nice honour for my family and sort of leaves a legacy, which is always something everybody wants to leave during their time. It's a nice accomplishment and I'm grateful for it." said Bent about about the honour bestowed on him.

On Toronto FC II's Newly Acquired Player

When asked what he thought of the newly loaned in forward Ben Spencer, Bent mentioned that, "At the moment he is injured, sort of getting over an injury but he's working his way back to full fitness." Bent went on to say that, "He's another striker with huge potential, a lot of talent, has experience for a young player, not just in America but also abroad so we're looking for somebody to come in and compete for a spot on the team.  Someone who will score goals and also bring our other players into the game, which is important so were excited to see him."

Spencer joins the team on loan from Norwegian side Molde and being a close friend with TFC head coach Greg Vanney.

On The Defensive Situation

Wesley Charpie is only one of a handful of players that has started in all five matches so far for TFC II. When asked about what he thought about Charpie Bent said, "Wes is a player who everyday knows how to train, [and] train properly. He's been applying himself in games he would like to see as well as myself." Bent then added that, "A little bit more of consistency, but that will come with more games that he plays. But he has a fantastic attitude and outlook on the game and on life.  A bubbling character and spirit and that always helps in the change room. We look to him to take on more of a leadership role as the season progresses"

Charpie's leadership in the locker room does help his grow as a player and he can only get better if he continues being that person to help lead.

In the past two games, TFC II has been given two red cards. Putting them down a man and leaving them a hole on the field. "A bit of it is decision making, we want players to be aggressive but you have to be aggressive in the right areas." said coach Jason Bent about if he wants his players to be aggressive and mark tightly. He added that, "Mark Anthony Kaye's was a little bit more unfortunate because I think the second yellow wasn't a second yellow.  Players embellished a little bit and got himself sent off. Robertson was more of a decision making process. That kind of put us behind the game."

When asked if he has a set lineup or is still looking for a starting eleven, Jason Bent said that, "Some guys have done better than others, which you always see. They've been getting a little bit more of the minutes. But we're still trying to figure out what our best lineup is and some guys have been injured and just returning back from injury." He added by saying,"It's a process to see who is going to crack that starting eleven on a regular basis."

On the weekend Bent put out Daniel Fabrizi and Skylar Thomas in at centre back, and the two played decently, even though they were  unable to clog their net from allowing more goals to squick in. "Fabrizi and Skylar, they've found a decent partnership, but also Fabrizi and Adam Bouchard have formed a decent partnership." said Bent. "It's just working and trying to see who has the best relationship with each other on the pitch and how they compliment each other strengths and weaknesses." added Bent when asked if he likes the partnership Fabrizi and Thomas add.

Clement Simonin started the first TFC II game in Charleston, and was later called up for the first team. Could he make a move to TFC II and help fix the defensive problems? "At the moment he is injured with a knee injury, so he is going to be out for several weeks, could be six weeks before you see him potentially available." said Bent when asked if Simonin could play for TFC II. Bent added that, "If he becomes available, as he is now a first team player" meaning even when he comes back, he is still a first team player and it would be up to Greg Vanney to decide to send him down.