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Match Review: TFC II 1:4 New York Red Bulls II

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TFC II got outplayed in New York on Saturday and could not handle the far more superior Red Bulls side that was loaded with first team players.

Jonathan Dyer-USA TODAY Sports

Saturday seemed to be a day to forget for TFC fans as both the first team and second team lost their road games. TFC wasn't able to hold off a Chicago Fire team that scored two goals in less than 10 minutes and being down to 10 men. TFC II on the other hand looked baffled yesterday when they faced a Red Bulls II side that was full of loaned out first team players, since the New York Red Bulls have a bye week and coach Jesse Marsch wanted to give some players more playing time.

Right away the Red Bulls attacked the TFC defenders and forced the team to hang back.  Loaned out striker Anatole Abang started the goal scoring festivities with an eight minute strike that was tipped in after a nicely played cross by midfielder Shaun Davis.  It was from then on where TFC II started to make poor passes and could not find anyone open.

It looked like they really could not find a way to score on Red Bulls keeper Kyle Reynish who played a man of the match type game where he made key stops to disallow any TFC II chances.  The Red Bulls rewarded their goalie with goals a plenty when full back Sean McLaws played out wide right and blew by a TFC defender to slot in his first goal of the season and the Red Bulls second goal of the game.

During the half, it looked like head coach Jason Bent had a lot to talk about to his team as they needed to defend more tightly and not allow the Red Bulls to just break through. Going into the second half, it started to look like TFC II might actually force a comeback. In the 52nd, Luca Uccello's shot was deflected by Canadian international Karl Ouimette and made the score 2-1.  The team seemed to want to play the ball to Babouli and Jordan Hamilton, but the strong defensive play by the Red Bulls gave the strikers a very hard day at Red Bulls Arena.

Then in the 74th, Chris Mannella, who started to play more defensive in the second half, "pulled down" Abang in the box and Marius Obekop finished the penalty to give his side the 3-1 lead.  It was then that Red Bulls II captain Leo Stolz played a nicely passed ball in the box and slotted a ball neatly in the far right corner to put his side way head 4-1 in the 88th.

Yesterday was not a well played game for TFC II, but some positives can be taken out from it. Sometimes it's good to get out played because it gives the team a reason to try harder the next game and pushes them to be better.  The second half looked like a comeback was brewing, but the strong play by Michael De Fonte, Karl Ouimette and Connnor Lade allowed their team to hold anything TFC II had to throw at them.

TFC II will have a week off, and it couldn't come at a better time with them being on the road for four game already and getting destroyed 4-1 the week before.  Head coach Jason Bent will have time to handle his team and bring them back down to earth. Maybe after defeating FC Montreal gave this team a lot of energy to continue the streak and made them feel unstoppable. Yesterday, the Red Bulls deflated anything TFC II had going into this week and has left them feeling broken.

TFC II will face off against yet another Canadian team in Vancouver as they take on the Whitecaps II in Vancouver on the 19th.