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Fantasy Free-Kick: The DGW

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It’s been a while since we had a fantasy article here at Waking the Red. To be honest outside of the few contributors to the site (both past and present) and Mariner’s Stupid Shorts/The Sporting Pacifist/g3toutmykitch3n/Jeremy Tod there weren’t a ton of posts in the comments section. If you are reading this and you would like a weekly fantasy league update with some fantasy advice I encourage you to post in the comments section below. If there is a good response we’ll get more fantasy posts up.

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Hats off to Ian Kane and Fish and Chips FC who through the first five rounds of the season are sitting on top of the Waing the Red MLS Fantasy League.

I thought that this week was a good time for a MLS Fantasy post. Everyone has had a few weeks now to get used to the new rules and tinker with their squads accordingly. Just as we all start to feel a little comfortable Round 6 presents itself with a new wrinkle, the first DGW.

As we all know in the past player values were adjusted based on the number of people who transferred for a player. This meant that owners who were on the ball could get their DGW players in very early in the week and see their bankroll increase by as much as $0.3m/player in a week. This year, with price adjustments tied to player performance, it is even more important to get as many DGW players in your squad as possible.

Opportunities to increase your bankroll are tougher to come by but the DGW is a safe way to do so. A player will have to have something disastrous happen, such as an early red card, in the first game of the DGW in order to actually see his price decrease in the round. Even a goose egg or a 1 doesn’t mean that your player will go down in price since they would only need a decent second match to come within the average score for that position in the round.

The flip side of the coin is that a player could come in a have two good games in the round and see his price increase by the maximum $0.2m in the round. A goal in each game for Octavio Rivero (currently $8.8m) this round would likely put him in line for the maximum $0.2m increase. A clean sheet in one game and a solid performance in the other would likely see any defenders get an increase as well.Not all DGW’s are a lock, don’t take negative points to fill your squad with Rapids in Round 13.

The bottom line is that players will still have to perform well to get an increase in price but the risk of them actually hurting your bankroll this round is minimal. The potential for two games worth of points, plus a rare opportunity to almost guarantee an increase in your squad’s funds is too much to pass up. Get as many DGW players in your squad this round as you can.