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Are you smarter than Ryan Nelsen?: Round 7

Is a winning streak in the cards for TFC? What do you think?

Tom Szczerbowski-USA TODAY Sports

On the heals of a solid performance in Orlando TFC head to the city of brotherly love in what looks to be another winnable match-up.  Even with the slow start TFC has had to the season they are still looking down at Mo Edu's squad in the standings.

Offensively Philadelphia at home would not be described as potent, having been kept off of the scoreboard in two out of four games at home.  Fernando Aristeguieta has been the most dangerous attacker in Philadelphia having three goals to his name so far this season.  Aristeguieta doesn't posses the strength, size or speed to overcome defenses however if he is allowed to find space he definitely has the ability to hurt you.  Aristeguieta versus the TFC defense should be a match-up that TFC can handle.

If TFC can build on the offensive momentum they created in Orlando they can possibly take advantage of a young keeper in the Union goal.  John McCarthy is a 22 year old Union supporter turned starter between the sticks.  If you haven't heard his story check it out on the archives from a few weeks ago, inspiring stuff.  This doesn't mean that TFC shouldn't be able to really challenge the young keeper and perhaps capitalize on an inexperienced error.

Do TFC go on their first winning streak of 2015?

Scoring; 2pts for correct result, 1 for correct TFC score and one for correct opponent score.  Post in the comments section below or mention me (@Stouffvillain) before kick-off to be eligible.

Current table

moosefc 13
bully brew 13
SaskTFCFan 10
Duncan Fletcher 10
snellt 10
TFCfan_427 10
zicogold 10
HeavyRedFlow 10
The Real SK TFC Fan 9
TheBoffin 9
@pearceRPB 8
Footy Wolverines Go Blue 8
danninho 8
Sven87 8
david.riddles 8
Ghost of TFC Future 7
Stouffvillain 7
Seth Greenan 7
ajaxaman 7
@timmerj_75 7
AMS1984 7
julian77 6
Wilco V 6
MrTuktoyaktuk 6
MatterMote 6
Rsanchez 6
mitchelltierney 6
henryforpm 6
dcherk 5
StoneMonkey 5
djopel00 5
1-4-4-2 5
PSoNumber9 5
Nick P. 5
TFC is Killing Me 4
mxhammers 4
Jeremy Tod 4
Lord Flashheart 4
TheKaptin 4
Toronto Tony 4
d dubya 3
soccerfan2012 3
christopher.bedard.9 3
charles_316 3
Arjon 3
TARV12 2
stoppage_time 2
Michaelvee 2
Copes 2
B like fonz 2
Steven Schmidt 2
C to the D 2
waynedsouza 2
Torontofan813 1
N3WT 1
Mint-e 1