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Gutting result for TFC II against Rochester Rhinos

The rain was pouring in Rochester, but it was an injury time goal that ended TFC II's long match and took away a point from a team who fought until the last minute.

Stew Milne-USA TODAY Sports

TFC II played a strong defensive game yesterday in Rochester, but when forward Molham Babouli earned his second yellow of the game  in the 90th minute, the Rhinos earned a game clinching header from substitute Duba and handed TFC II their fifth defeat of the year.

The beginning of the game, it was all Rhinos offence.  Full back Onua Thomas Obasi was all over the Toronto defence and was showing his offensive abilities.  Right off the start, the Rhinos pressed hard on TFC II and whenever they had the ball, they made sure to surround the young Reds and force them to mistakes.

It was all Rhinos for the first 25 minutes, then striker Jordan Hamilton had a nice chance to put his side up 1-0. Toronto FC II took notice that this Rochester side was going to push hard, and it seemed that their game plan was to hang back and counter. That's how Hamilton broke free to get a shot off.

The big factor for this game seemed to be the rain that started to come down 10 minutes before half time. The skies opened up, but the refs said play on. When lightening struck, the refs had no choice but to call the game and wait it out for half an hour.  The break was much needed though, as it gave TFC II coach Jason Bent the opportunity to let his side know what they have to do to handle the attacking Rhinos.

Play resumed in the 40th minute and both sides played the half, insuring that the game would be official.

In the second, TFC II started to get more comfortable with their play.  However, it was still the Rhinos game.  Keeper Alex Bono had a good game, making two key saves and standing on his head to stop a Colin Rolfe breakthrough. Bono's good start was due in part to a good shutdown defence from Skylar Thomas and Adam Bouchard.

The rain again played a big part in the second half, with the pitch being wet and making players slip. Even though the rain was another taunting task for the young Reds, it was Mo Babouli's second yellow and TFC II's third straight red that allowed the Rhinos to continue their high pressure attacking and score the games only goal in extra time.  It was the substitute Steevan Dos Santos or "Duba" who headed in a cross from Kenardo Forbes to put TFC II down and earn their fifth loss.

A tough, gutting game for TFC II starts their long week in a bad way.