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Sexist comments aimed at reporter shouldn't be tolerated

On Sunday, a CityNews reporter was the victim of an act of sexism while attempting to do her job following a Toronto FC game. It is the sort of incident that we as Toronto FC fans cannot stand for.

Dan Hamilton-USA TODAY Sports

There are times in life when a member of a group that you are part of makes the rest of the group look bad.  While the vast majority of Toronto FC fans are upstanding individuals who respect women, all it takes is a couple of exceptions to make the entire group look bad.

On Sunday, following Toronto FC's disappointing 2-1 defeat at the hands of the Houston Dynamo an incident took place that should not be tolerated around BMO Field.  A female reporter, Shauna Hunt, was doing a live hit for City TV outside of the stadium after the game when she was rudely interrupted by a fan shouting out a vulgar remark.  The fan leaned in to her mic while Hunt spoke with two fans and used an expression that has become all too common in recent months.

Hunt is not the first female reporter to be victimized by individuals using this expression and she certainly will not be the last.  That grown men in our society would wait around for a chance to use an expression like "F her right in the P" on live television and find humour in doing so is clearly a much larger issue than our humble soccer blog is ever going to tackle but that does not mean that we as Toronto FC fans should sit back and allow incidents like this one to continue to take place at our home stadium.

What we can do as Toronto FC fans is single out individuals who are taking part in this sort of action and ensure that the organization is made aware that we will not tolerate that sort of sexist act in or around our home stadium.  When something like this happens it makes all of us look bad as Toronto sports fans and that is not something that we should be willing to stand for.

If it is FHRITP or another act of sexism it should not be welcome at Toronto FC games and those taking part in actions should also be unwelcome at the stadium.  Many of care about protecting a family-friendly atmosphere and one that makes everyone regardless of gender, race, or other differences feel welcome at all times.

Individuals like those who attempted to humiliate Hunt on Sunday tear down the community that many of us have worked hard to build and that should not be something with allow to happen by standing idly by.

While those Hunt encountered on Sunday showed a complete lack of class the reporter did well to handle what was certainly not a pleasant situation for her.  Rather than allow them to ruin her hit and just leave, Hunt attempted to question individuals involved about just why they found the expression humorous.  She never did get a good answer out of any of the individuals which comes as no surprise but she should be commended for the way that she handled a situation that female reporters unfortunately find themselves in far too often.