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Are you smarter than Ryan Nelsen?: Round 10

Every match against Montreal is a big one. After a loss in Stade Saputo last week and a home opening loss Sunday TFC needs to turn things around immediately and get back to their winning ways.

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Well that was deflating.  All the fireworks, banners and other opening day hoopla was all for not when TFC decided to take half the match against Houston to really take in the work that was done in their new home.  The quick turnaround against Montreal this week gives TFC players, managers and supporters as chance to flush that game from their minds.

L'Impact also suffered defeat to a western conference opponent at home this weekend as Diego Valeri and the Timbers got the best of them.  Carrying the lead into this tie how will Frank Klopas approach this match?  Does he again field an A squad and go for the jugular or does he through in some substitutes to get his top dogs a rest to try and prioritize league play after their slow start?  One particular 6-1 game aside, Montreal always seems to take these matches seriously why would they not want to collect another Voyageurs Cup win over TFC at BMO?

TFC have made their priorities clear already having fielded a squad full of reserves last week in Montreal.  The question now becomes does TFC try to save face after the Houston performance and make try to make a statement at home?

BMO has never really been the fortress it is made out to be however that was usually down to the team not being very good in general than just poor at home.  This version of TFC, combined with the expanded playoff format in MLS, is expected to make the playoffs.  For that to happen BMO will need to be a place where the Reds can count of a strong performance out of themselves and their supporters.  It didn't happen Sunday but a cup match against your biggest rival is as good a time as any to bring up BMO Field to what it should be, a place no one wants to travel to.

What happens Wednesday?

Scoring; 2 points for the correct result, 1 point for the correct TFC score and 1 point for the correct opponent score. Post in the comment section below or mention me (@Stouffvillain) before kick-off to be eligible.

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