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Argos sale set to be finalized clearing way for move to BMO Field

With the Toronto Argonauts sale set to be announced on Wednesday the biggest remaining hurdle in the way of their move to BMO Field could very well be cleared.

Dan Hamilton-USA TODAY Sports

The Toronto Argonauts could make their move to BMO Field official as early as this Wednesday.

According to a report by TSN the rumoured purchase of the CFL franchise by Bell and Larry Tanenbaum is set to be announced on Wednesday.  That purchase should all but clear the way for the team to make the move to BMO ahead of the 2016 season.

While MLSE seems to have been unable to reach and agreement to purchase the team that has not stopped some of the companies major players from going out and picking up an asset that they consider to be very important.  Given that Rogers have no interest in propping up the CFL, a property to which Bell owns the television rights, it is no surprise that a deal to purchase the team from David Braley did not include them.

With Bell and Tanenbaum taking over as owners of the Argos they would still have to work out an agreement with MLSE (mainly the Rogers side of things) to move the team to BMO Field.  That should be a minor hurdle for them to clear though as any deal will likely just mean the new Argos owners having to pay for the MLSE services that they would be using while running the team out of BMO.

Having this all resolved this week fits with the timelines that have been reported in recent months as the Argos move to BMO needed to be finalized in time for the plans for the second phase of expansion to go ahead as scheduled.  With plans for renovating with and without the Argos in place having a deal agreed early in the summer there should be no delay in this fall's construction work.

So it seems that those fans clamouring to keep the Argos out of BMO Field are going to be very unhappy this week.  It did seem to be inevitable that things would end this way but the official news will still not sit well with a large number of vocal Toronto FC supporters.