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All For One Episode 2 Review: Teaching the Kids

Waking the Red breaks down the second episode of All for One, which in this case means rewatching that horrible Columbus loss we have all tried very hard to forget.

Dan Hamilton-USA TODAY Sports

Spoiler Warning: Watch the second episode of All for One before proceeding. Also watch Daredevil, because that show is fantastic.

This season, more than ever, Justin Morrow has proven why he is one of the most underrated defenders not only on Toronto FC but in the entire league. Playing out of position for most of the season he has excelled on the right side of defense as injuries, and the stellar play of Ashtone Morgan forced him to take up a new role.

The second episode of All for One is centered around Toronto's lovable leftcentrerightback as he is returning to his home state of Ohio for a game against the Columbus Crew. This includes plenty of clips of his University, Notre Dame. Turns out there is also an Ontario street in Ohio, and they make darn sure that you don't miss that fact.

Here Justin Morrow is seen back in Toronto, reading to the Barcelona U-12 squad, otherwise known as some elementary school in North York

The message from Justin Morrow's visit to the elementary school is clear, stay in school and you can still realize your dreams. Otherwise you might end up like Sebastian Giovinco or Michael Bradley or one of his other million dollar making teammates who never did the whole school thing.

Speaking of Giovinco, he's the next feature in the episode as we get to shop for new condos with him. He clearly hasn't learned much about the Toronto condo market yet because he isn't yanking or a bunch of things to see if they break: spoiler, they probably do.

Hopefully he didn't choose this one, look at the horrible oven/microwave placement. Ugh.

Then it's to Toronto supporters who are making the bus trip down from Toronto to participate in Major League Soccer's biggest fabricated rivalry that actually kind of turned into a rivalry: the Trillium Cup. The supporters seem really optimistic because this was just after the Vancouver game, oh boy are they in for a nice surprise.

There seems to be some dependency about how many buses actually made the trip down. Nigel Reed says there are 12, one supporter says there are 4 or 5, another says there are 10. Clearly a few buses got lost someone, and were ultimately better off.

Next Toronto are preparing for the game, which means showing a cool shot of them getting on to the bus while the supporters get off their bus.

Then it's into the dressing room before the match, where Greg Vanney gets the last half of his speech muted. Meanwhile, there is one of those camera angles of the pregame huddle that makes you wonder how silly the camera guy looked while filmed it.

Toronto FC practice defending with hotel chairs. Justin Morrow slides in and takes out one of the chair's legs and is sent off.

Then it's to the game, where Justin Morrow slides in and takes out an actual player's legs and is sent off. As we all as know (spoiler) the game doesn't end well, with ten man Toronto falling 2-0. The fans who rode the bus all the way down here leave disappointed. Not because their team lost of course, but because they had to visit Ohio.

Overall, this is one of the weaker episodes in terms of an engaging storyline, but to be fair there wasn't all that much to work with. The next episode outlines the home opener, and is undoubtedly going to be a whole lot of fun (spoiler) minus the game itself.

What we wish we could have seen

What Michael Bradley said to Dave Gantar after Justin Morrow was sent off. Really need to get these guys on microphones for future episodes.

Best Moment of Soccer-ness

While I chirped it slightly above, using hotel chairs to represent defenders is a highly creative way of organizing a team. Props to Vanney and co. for using all the resources they have at their disposal.

Nowhere to be found

Michael Bradley, Robin Fraser, Joe Bendik, Crew cat (thankfully)

Moment of the Episode

Sebastian Giovinco looking over the balcony of the highrise Toronto condo he is looking at renting and yelling "bungee jump".

Man of the Episode

We'll give it to Morrow for being just a generally cool dude, and also for sporting those really sweet dreads when he play for Notre Dame in University.