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Striker Situation Worse for TFC as Robbie Findley Injured

Findley wil join Joe Bendik, and Mark Bloom on the sidelines. Steven Caldwell remains out, but the club isn't looking to buy him out.

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

At the start of the season it was the backline that was causing problems for Toronto FC, as almost all of their defenders went down hurt. While that remains the case: Joe Bendik, Mark Bloom and Steven Caldwell will all miss Saturday's game, the injury plague appears to have made its way up the pitch.

Last week Jozy Altidore was injured in the early stages of Toronto's match against the New England Revolution and will be out 4-5 weeks with a hamstring strain. Now, it appears Robbie Findley is out with a foot injury, and will miss the weekend's game against the Portland Timbers.

Thankfully, it appears this is only going to be one week that the Toronto striker is out, but that is no help for a team already looking for goalscoring alternatives tomorrow. Findley was probably the best alternative, considering his success in the past in this league as a number 9.

Now it appears that task will be given to Luke Moore, who has never been great as a single number 9. One can only hope that he and Sebastian Giovinco can form a decent partnership up front. Moore has shown in the past that he can build well of a second striker and be a goal poacher.

For many this will make it even more favourable to give young Jordan Hamilton a shot, but it doesn't appear that is in the cards. At least not at the start of the match. Although there's a good chance Hamilton makes some sort of appearance as Toronto don't really have any other options off of the bench.

Then there is the curious case of Mark Bloom, who was said to be healthy last week by Greg Vanney. Now it looks like he is back on the injury list, potentially as a result of back spasms that he has been suffering. It is becoming less and less likely that Bloom is given an opportunity this year with Toronto, which is unfortunate.

What began as a joke is starting to turn into a reality: if Joe Bendik is injured for much longer he could legitimately lose his starting position. Chris Konopka has been solid, and at his small price tag he might be worth keeping in place if his form continues.

Then there is the former captain, Steven Caldwell, who has not seen the pitch since the first couple of matches of the season.  This has meant rumours that the club is looking to shed his salary, which is in the ballpark of $300,000 according to last year's MLS figures.

It appears that this is untrue, as John Molinaro of Sportsnet has reported that the club has no interest in buying out the defender and is looking to return him to the field as soon as possible. This plan could change however, especially if he doesn't get better quickly.