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Toronto FC vs. Manchester City: Game Thread

Follow along as our city takes on Man city in a friendly at BMO Field.

Dean Mouhtaropoulos/Getty Images

The headliner: who will emerge from this year's friendly?

The one nice thing about these mid season friendlies against European opposition is that it means seeing players that aren't normally in the lineup.

While the availability of Toronto FC II games means some of these players aren't as unknown as they once were it will still be interesting to see how they fair against EPL opposition.

Two years ago against Roma it was Alvaro Rey who emerged onto the TFC scene with a goal and some impressive plays. This before he was brutally tackled by some young Roma player trying to hard to impress his manager.

Last year it was Jordan Hamilton who scored a late goal, and will very much be the focus of this match on the red end of things. Hamilton has developed quite a reputation amongst Toronto fans, so much so that many called for him to be started this last weekend. In the end he came off the bench for TFC II.

On top of Hamilton there are a couple of other TFCII players who fans will be looking forward to seeing in this match. Another is Jay Chapman who has been with the first team for most of the season but played only sparingly. The bench will also feature TFC II captain Chris Mannella, Manny Aparicio and Alex Bono.

Bright Dike is also on the bench, wouldn't it be great if he came off and was the best player of the game like Andrew Wiedeman was last season? This is TFC and it will probably happen.

Key to the match: don't get hurt

Toronto are playing a pretty solid squad to start this game, which will make a lot of supporter's cautious. While these games usually happen without incident there are the rare occasions where injuries occur. Especially with a team as injury prone as Toronto.

These matches aren't nearly as dangerous for fatigue as some might suggest, playing 45 minutes or less of essentially practice level soccer isn't going to damage a professional athlete. In fact it's probably a good warmup for Saturday's match. That is of course unless they get hurt.

The Linueps:

Pretty much a starting lineup for Toronto FC, and maybe an experimental one considering Collen Warner looks like he will be out for this weekend's match. The midfield, with the added Dan Lovitz and Jay Chapman could actually be quite dangerous. One would assume Jonathan Osorio starts in the place of one of those two on Saturday, however, as he has been playing well of late.

Good lineup for City as well, although many of these players likely won't play very long.