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The World Awaits: Canada beats England in Final Friendly before Canada 2015

With the World Cup just around the corner Canada delivered a reminder as to why the hosts shouldn't be taken lightly at Canada 2015.

Tom Szczerbowski/Getty Images

If all goes to plan, Canada won't meet a top opponent like England until the World Cup quarterfinals in a month's time. Today, however, they reminded everyone that they can play with the best, defeating world number six England 1-0 in their final friendly before the tournament.

Sophie Schmidt had the game's lone goal on a brilliant curling shot from the top of the box to get the near capacity crowd at Tim Horton's field on their feet.

"It was average," Christine Sinclair joked about Schmidt's goal after the match, drawing a "it takes a lot to please you" retort from Schmidt. "Incredible, incredible finish, great ball from Josée [Belanger] and a world class finish, she got us the victory."

It felt almost like a passing of the guard, as the face of the Canadian national team, Sinclair, stood next to Canada's most important player for this upcoming tournament, Schmidt.

"This could be the tournament [Schmidt] becomes the best midfielder in the world," said coach John Herdman after the match, describing how much work she has put into her game. "I dare say it, she's reached Sinclair's level."

It's incredibly high praise from the Canadian coach, but not out of place considering Schmidt's performance. There is no question she was the best player on the field against England, something the team will hope she can replicate at the World Cup.

"It's something I'm really striving towards this tournament," said Schmidt of being the best in her position. "This team needs me to be that player so I'm going to step up as much as possible."

As for the game itself, Schmidt's goal was one of the only chances in a game that didn't have many, especially for England. The English certainly looked jetlagged, having arrived only Monday, something their coach mentioned was a factor after the match.

In this sense it wasn't the most inspiring send off in terms of performance for Canada, but that doesn't mean it wasn't a good one. It was important to them that they head into the tournament with positive momentum and coverage.

"I know that if we got beaten tonight [the media] would have been going ‘oh Canada's not ready,'" said Herdman after the match. "It would have been the media going ‘oh my god what's happened to this team one week to go just got beaten by England.'"

He says it was part of the team's pre match meetings to outline this publicity pressure, and the team was clearly up to the task outplaying England for the majority of the match.

The management team was hoping that this would be a good test for the nerves of the team in terms of the high octane pressure that will come with playing in front of a home crowd in the World Cup tournament.

It wasn't quite the atmosphere that one would hope Canada will have when they start playing the matches that actually count for something, but the team did well to handle the pressure after a rough first couple of minutes.

While it's probably impossible to ever truly be fully ready to play a World Cup tournament on home soil, the Canadian women appear confident going in, and for good reason.

"I think we showed tonight that we are ready for the World Cup," said Melissa Tancredi confidently. It was a sentiment echoed by both her coaches and teammates.

Canada have proven they are ready for this tournament, the question becomes just how far all of this preparation can take them.