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How You Doin'? Montreal Impact – Voyageurs Cup Edition – First Leg

Jean-Francois Corbet of SB Nation sister site, Mount Royal Soccer stops by to exchange some questions ahead of Wednesday night's Voyageurs Cup opening leg

We're coming for you! The Voyageurs Cup kicks offf in earnest with the semifinal first legs on Wednesday Night
We're coming for you! The Voyageurs Cup kicks offf in earnest with the semifinal first legs on Wednesday Night
Jean-Yves Ahern-USA TODAY Sports

Prior to Wednesday's match, Jean-Francois Corbet of SB Nation's Montreal Impact site, Mount Royal Soccer, responds to Waking the Red's queries, as well as kick starting a bit of trash-talking before the players take to the pitch.

Question the First:
The huge crowd that came out for the Second Leg of the CONCACAF Final was impressive, but will that momentum carry into packed stands for the Voyageurs Cup and the rest of the MLS season?

I might be pessimist but I don't think it is going to be a full house at Saputo for the game against TFC. Montreal fans love specials attractions and the CCL final was a really special one. The best comparison for that is when David Beckham came to the Big O there was 60k people in the stands and this season it did not managed to get 30 for the Brazilian star Kaka. People need to get excited about the club and to have a good reason to go to the stadium. Another fact is that the Habs are playing on Wednesday and it is not a good to get the stadium full. The buzz was there but I'm not sure it will be there for long. The best way to brings people to Saputo Stadium is to win games and they were not able to do it so far this year in MLS. Even in Champions League they've only won 1 game this year. That's not enough to bring people in the stands!

Question the Second:
Montreal has seemingly put all their energy and focus into the Champions League, MLS even rescheduled several fixtures in order to allow the Impact to concentrate on the international commitment. Is it expected that they will hit the ground running upon their return or will they struggle to make up ground on the rest of the league with just two points through four matches?

Don't get me wrong here : The Impact made a special trip to the CCL final but they only managed to win 1 game during that span! It is truly a hell of a ride when you tink that they went to America and get a 1-1 tie! But in the end the only win in 2015 so far is a 2-0 against Alajuelense. They are better than last year but right now I'm not convinced they can battle in a competitive way in MLS. So far they did not! Now that the focus is on MLS I truly hope they players will get their A game on and try to make the playoff. So yes the run in CCL is amazing but they have to focus on MLS and now!

Question the Third:
Ignacio Piatti looks the real deal and Laurent Ciman has been a solid addition, but the loss of Marco Di Vaio, the trade of Felipe, and the diminishing role for Patrice Bernier has really changed the face of the club. Does Montreal have the pieces to really compete in a tough Eastern Conference? Is this a rebuilding year or does a second playoff appearance loom?

This is a rebuilding year. The management might now say it but I will. You can't get so many new faces and pretend to not rebuild the team. And there is much more to do! They need to replace Marco Di Vaio in front because right now nobody is scoring goals as striker. Jack Mac might be the key but Frank Klopas does not seem pretty excited about his play. Piatti and the offensive midfielders are good and they are the true force of this team. They can play with any other midfield in the league. The problem is in defense right now. Yes Ciman is good and Toia is playing good football but Baky Soumare is making mental mistakes once a game and it often cost a goal. Ambroise Oyongo is set to join the team and it will only helps. I just hope he comes here with good intentions and play his heart for the Impact. As for Patrice Bernier I really have no idea why he is not playing instead of Nigel Reo-Coker or Marco Donadel. Donadel is doing nothing on the field and the only reason I see Frank Klopas playing is to justify his acquisition. Right now there is a lot of questions regarding the team but a couple of Win in a row can change that real quick.

Barbed Question:
With three coaches in three seasons, a horrendous record through the past year, and the occasional front office blowup, Montreal is giving Toronto a run for their title as the most dysfunctional MLS club in Canada, is Frank Klopas finally the man to lead this side and connect with the city?

Toronto FC has not make the playoff since they are in MLS even if they spend millions and millions so I think you still deserve the Dysfunctional Title. Remember Jermain Defoe? It was supposed to be a bloody big end up being a bloody big fail! Klopas the man? I don't think so! The man knows MLS but has a lot of problem to manage during a game. When the momentum switch he is always a step behind to react and it cost a lot of game. The decision to bring Eric Miller in the game against America CF in the first game when he has not played at all in 2015 is the kind of decision he can make. The run in CCL gave him some time and air to breath but I don't think he will end the year in Montreal. If you have a 2$ to bet put it on Enzo Concina to be the next head coach.

Thanks to Jean-Francois for taking the time to answer a few questions. He can be found on Twitter @JoeCorbet and be sure to stop by Mount Royal Soccer for all the latest news on the Montreal Impact.

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