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Slow Start: Toronto Fall to Impact in Leg 1 of Voyageurs Cup Semi-Finals

The Voyageur's Cup didn't kick off on the best footing as the game out West was snowed out while the Eastern side of the bracket might as well have been.

Eric Bolte-USA TODAY Sports

The Montreal Impact started right where they left off in cup soccer as they found themselves a leg up in almost every sense tonight. Meanwhile, Toronto FC never really got started, and neither did the game itself.

A 1-0 victory for the Montreal Impact is a fair result considering how both teams approach and executed the match. The only luck comes in the fact that this game had a goal at all after 90 minutes of toothless soccer.

It was Jack McInerney's strike that provided the game's lone moment of entertainment, as he made Toronto's defence revert to its pre- Orlando City form. Both Eriq Zavaleta and especially Daniel Lovitz were made to look silly on a play that exposed their lack of playing time so far this year.

Otherwise the defending was solid, as Toronto did well to not allow the Impact to take a stranglehold on the tie by going up 2-0. Even Warren Creavalle was decent, holding his side of the field despite Montreal's obvious and shameless efforts to consistently attack his flank.

Chris Konopka was good as well, demonstrating that Toronto's goaltending depth is better than originally thought. It is already pretty deep. The lone goal was a classic case of "nothing the goaltender can do" of which Joe Bendik has surely told him all the symptoms.

What was concerning, was the offense. Nobody would have blamed what was essentially a third choice backline for not getting the job done. But an attacking unit that wasn't all that far removed from what Toronto trots out on a regular Saturday? Brutal.

It goes without saying, but Toronto supporters need to keep the health of Jozy Altidore and Sebastian Giovinco in their prayers all season long. If either of them go down, the goals are going to evaporate really quickly.

Luke Moore should never be a lone striker, ever. Tonight he showed that by failing to create anything in the final third and also doing a poor job of holding up play for the midfielders behind him. When he was successful last season it was always in tandem with someone else.

The man behind him, Jonathan Osorio, wasn't much better. For all those who have been calling for him to play in the centre of the park, and have Giovinco play out wide, this is a good demonstration of why Osorio's development just isn't there yet. In fact he tried a little too much to be like his Italian teammate.

Toronto's best attacking player on the night was Michael Bradley, which is never a good sign. Bradley actually did a decent job of building the attack out of the back and at least providing some service up front. His free kick was as close as Toronto got to doing any damage.

Ultimately it could have been worse, and for the way the game was shaping up Toronto will probably be able to accept the result. It certainly leaves work to do next week, but hopefully the club will have some of its better workers involved to do so.

The squad Montreal played was a lot closer to its starting eleven than what Toronto trotted out. The fact that the field really wasn't tilted that far either way should give the Reds some solace.

Hopefully they set their alarm for next game, and they can actually do some damage in the next leg. Otherwise Toronto FC will snooze their way out of the Voyageurs Cup.