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Are you smarter than Ryan Nelsen?: Round 15

It feels like forever since the last time TFC took the pitch but smarter than is back.

Isaiah J. Downing-USA TODAY Sports

It's been two weeks since we last saw the Reds on the pitch and even though they left us with a great memory after their win in DC it's nice to have them take the pitch again.  TFC is riding a 3 game winning streak, not an unbeaten streak (though that stands at 4 games), a winning streak as the new New Yorkers come to town.

Thus far in the season NYCFC has been the typical expansion team.  They have had their struggles on both the offensive and defensive end of the pitch.  There are moments that make everyone forget about those troubles but in general the squad and results have been what one would expect.

Giovinco showed that he is a consistent performer regardless of the squad around him.  The good news is that he shouldn't have to carry the entire offensive load alone as TFC should be at full strength, or very close to it, after what was starting to look like an episode of the walking dead.  The internationals will be from their respective national team duties, Altidore should be fully fit, even Robbie Findley could be healthy.  If the Reds can keep David Villa in check a win is a very likely outcome.

What are your thoughts heading into the match?

Scoring; 2 points for the correct result, 1 point for the correct TFC score and 1 point for the correct opponent score. Post in the comment section below or mention me (@Stouffvillain) before kick-off to be eligible.

Current Standings

HeavyRedFlow 25
bully brew 25
snellt 22
moosefc 22
AMS1984 22
zicogold 21
SaskTFCFan 20
danninho 20
henryforpm 19
mitchelltierney 19
TheBoffin 19
PSoNumber9 19
Footy Wolverines Go Blue 18
ajaxaman 18
TFCfan_427 17
@timmerj_75 17
The Real SK TFC Fan 16
Duncan Fletcher 16
TheKaptin 16
julian77 15
Wilco V 15
djopel00 15
Arjon 15
david.riddles 14
Jeremy Tod 14
MatterMote 14
dcherk 14
Sven87 13
1-4-4-2 13
Nick P. 12
MrTuktoyaktuk 12
alphaamar 12
mxhammers 11
d dubya 11
@pearceRPB 10
Stouffvillain 10
Lord Flashheart 10
TARV12 10
Ghost of TFC Future 9
Rsanchez 8
Seth Greenan 7
TFC is Killing Me 6
StoneMonkey 5
Toronto Tony 4
mistercorporate 4
soccerfan2012 3
christopher.bedard.9 3
charles_316 3
Michaelvee 3
stoppage_time 2
Copes 2
B like fonz 2
Steven Schmidt 2
C to the D 2
waynedsouza 2
@BruceHardingTFC 2
the Humberlands 2
Torontofan813 1
N3WT 1
Mint-e 1
Prof Frink 1