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Morning After Analysis: Toronto FC vs. New York City FC

Jake Payne takes a look at how New York City were able to overcome Toronto FC in one of the worst, but most entertaining, games at BMO Field in some time.

Martin Bazyl

Saturday night was alright for fighting. Toronto FC welcomed the troubled New York City FC into the Red Fortress, but the welcome was quickly made stale. NYC FC gave Toronto a 2-0 home loss in a game of wound up tensions, highly frustrated players and very questionable calls and lack of calls.

It was Toronto’s first league loss in four games and it was one that the players are going to take a little bit harder than usual. I’m pretty sure we saw a rivalry made here ladies and gents.

The City With Gross Pizza

The first goal was a penalty from a handball, nothing special there. The second goal however, was very preventable. I don’t have to use my awesome Microsoft Paint skill for this one thanks to the GIF’s from Reddit user perpetual_student.

It’s hard to point out the exact moment where this could have all been prevented. The pass/clearance/whateverthatwas from Eriq Zaveleta would probably stick out to most, but I think that this part is the key.

Chris Konopka is coming out obviously to block the shot, the angriest man in the universe, Damien Perquis has any shot that will go across him blocked off. This is on Benoit Cheyrou and Ashtone Morgan to not ball watch and cut off any other options.

Morgan caught up to David Villa, but if he had kept up with him the whole time, the ball might not have gotten to him. Not to take away from NYCFC, who made some pretty awesome passes, but it looked like these passes completely confused Toronto FC.

You could even see the defense becoming unraveled the more and more the play continued. It’s weird, it’s a great goal to make, but a bad goal to give up.

Red vs Blue: The Karate Match of the Century

This was a very frustrating game for both sides, while the result was not the fault of the refereeing, head officiator Allen Chapman had a rough outing. Was this all the result of what was a very physical game? Was it physical because of the frustration of the foul calls or lack of? It seems like he tried to take control of the game way too late.

The yellow cards predominately came in the second half, three of which came in 5 minutes when the game was really hitting a high point of frustration. This could be in part because of the usual frustration face of Giovinco, but mainly because of these two love birds.

Damien Perquis had a rough day today, Andrew Jacobson and pretty much anyone who was marking him gave him a rough time. New York had to be physical all game because Toronto was going for the neck.

They played 38 crosses, 58% of the possession and 10 corners. For the first time in a while, Toronto was the one pressing and making the other team work, unfortunately for them NYCFC wasn’t backing down to the challenge.

They started to have an advantage being up two goals and affording to be physical, Toronto had to match their physicality which took them out of trying to score. You could tell NYCFC setting up a wall really made everyone, particularly Giovinco, angry. I also don’t know what Jacobson said after the game but when Perquis looks like this after just talking nice with David Villa, it had to be something bad.

These two teams didn’t have a very nice game together, I certainly expect this bad blood to spill over to their next game on the 12th of July.

Are You Going To Talk About The Team At All?

I was getting to it. The team did well up until the final third, other than those two mistakes they made, there was nothing more I feel like they could have done. NYCFC certainly knew they had to destroy the Triforce of Giovinco, Michael Bradley and replacement Triforce piece Luke Moore.

Even when Greg Vanney put in his #Yoloswag substitutes of Altidore, Robbie Findley and Jackson, Toronto still couldn’t find a way to get in a goal. Part of this could be that Josh Saunders had a lights out game. Part of that could be that the other players on the attack like Cheyrou and Johnathan Osorio were pretty unproductive with Cheyrou committing 6 fouls and getting called for a handball and Osorio having no shots.

From the other games, you could start to see the rest of the team letting Bradley and Giovinco do most of the work, because they were so on fire. That’s not to say that the rest of the team was useless, it just seemed like they could chill a bit more, like you would if an NBA player was on your pickup basketball team.

Another key factor was Giovinco’s frustration. MLS is a tough league to play in, it’s not a walk in the park like he probably was expecting. A teammate or a faculty member needs to tell him to chill out because he has been getting more frustrated as the season goes on not because of losing, but because he didn’t get more than 2 goals or because he missed a free kick. Toronto can’t afford to have their best player getting grumpy and losing focus of what’s important.

To End This Like A Patrick Kane Goal In Game 6

I will say this, I’m happy that Toronto played this game against New York instead of against Montreal. They need to make a few adjustments, give the rest of the midfield and attackers confidence, and they need to buy Giovinco a stress ball. A loss against Montreal in a similar fashion would be rough. It was a frustrating game, but that’s exactly the kind of games you play against rivals. Hey I just played you, and this is crazy, but I don’t like you, so rivals maybe?