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Let's Be Better: A Canada 2015 Viewing Challenge

Many of us haven't been as knowledgeable as we want to be about the women's game now that Canada 2015 is here. With the tournament in our home country why don't we put that to an end?

Erich Schlegel-USA TODAY Sports

Well here we are... the Women's World Cup officially kicks off today, in our very own home and native land. If you're anything like me, you care. You really do. You'll watch every single one of the Canadian women's national team matches, and maybe even a handful of other games in between (or if you're Dave Rowaan, you may just go to town and watch every minute you possibly can of this competition).

If you're anything like me, you also will acknowledge that you know little about women's soccer. Without naming names, I know that I'm not alone among Waking The Red writers, and for that matter frequent commenters/contributors, in this predicament- we enjoy discussing the sport we love, we're passionate about cheering on Team Canada in all of its incarnations, but we just know so little about the stars, the flubs, the successes, the failures, the trials and tribulations, and quite frankly the general going-ons on the women's side of the beautiful game.

The thing is, I've quite enjoyed the matches I've watched featuring our women's national team. The games are exciting, the athleticism and quality are evident, and there even seem to be less egotistical, lazy, passion-less players taking to the pitch. And yet still I have refrained from digging deeper- from reading more than the very occasional article about this whole other brilliant side of our sport. I've refrained from learning more and really becoming knowledgeable about women's soccer- even our own national team. And for that, I truly feel disappointed in myself.

So here's the challenge- join me in making a conscious effort to learn more about the women who play our favourite sport at the highest level. The task is simple- read at least two articles on women's soccer every week. Two articles. They could be a match review from a game in Germany, a preview of next week's games in the World Cup... even an opinion piece on turfgate. It doesn't matter what they are- just read a little. We all have the time to do it- I happen to have the luxury of a GO Train ride every day to make this a particularly easy feat.

It should be easy to keep it going during the world cup. The challenge will come once July 6th has come and gone- when the world cup hangover hits... will you be able to keep it up?

I will personally commit myself to this regardless of who else chooses to join. But as Waking the Red is a community, I wanted to put this out there and open it up to all. Doing things as a community always adds a bit more fun, and who knows- maybe we can even share our knowledge as we go along.

Of course if you're not a huge reader, first off- good on you for still reading WTR, and secondly, instead see if you can find a telecast (or possibly stream) of a game somewhere! Let's stop missing out on this fantastic side of the sport of soccer- we all have a lot to gain by putting just a little more effort into supporting the Canadian women's national team and following women's soccer as a whole.