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Are you smarter than Ryan Nelsen?: Round 18

Both squads will be deprived of their stars for some length of time thanks to the Gold Cup so what happens when the depth is tested?

John E. Sokolowski-USA TODAY Sports

The Reds jump on a plane for a long flight to LA for a Saturday night tilt with the LA Galaxy.  LA will be looking to rebound as they are coming off a tough 3-1 loss to San Jose last weekend.  LA will be relying heavily on Robbie Keane for the foreseeable future as their next best scoring threat, Gyasi Zardes, will be with the US national team for the Gold Cup.  Bruce Arena's squad will also be without stalwart defender Omar Gonzalez and starting keeper Jaime Penedo as both will also be on national team duty.

Of course TFC will be missing parts due to the CONCACAF competition, Bradley, Altidore, Osorio and Morgan will all be gone for TFC.  Just as LA will lean on Keane the same will be true for TFC with Giovinco.  How will the squad look without the internationals?  Who gets the start up top with the Atomic Ant?  Will Marky Delgado and Jay Chapman be able to deliver on a consistent basis?  So much of the midfield duties will fall on the shoulders of Benoit Cheyrou and Colleen Warner. Can they handle it?

Historically TFC don't have as bad a record as one would think against LA.  Though three wins in 15 matches is nothing to brag about the Reds have only lost five of those.  Against a team that has been superior to them for their entire existence seven draws in 15 matches isn't too shabby.

How do things shake out in the city of angels this weekend?

Scoring; 2 points for the correct result, 1 point for the correct TFC score and 1 point for the correct opponent score.  Post in the comment section below or mention me (@Stouffvillain) before kick-off to be eligible.


bully brew 29
HeavyRedFlow 28
moosefc 27
AMS1984 25
henryforpm 25
zicogold 24
mitchelltierney 24
SaskTFCFan 23
snellt 22
PSoNumber9 22
Footy Wolverines Go Blue 22
TheBoffin 21
danninho 20
ajaxaman 20
TheKaptin 20
@timmerj_75 19
dcherk 19
Wilco V 18
Arjon 18
The Real SK TFC Fan 18
TFCfan_427 17
Duncan Fletcher 17
1-4-4-2 16
julian77 15
djopel00 15
Sven87 15
david.riddles 14
Jeremy Tod 14
MatterMote 14
alphaamar 14
mxhammers 14
d dubya 14
TARV12 14
MrTuktoyaktuk 13
Stouffvillain 13
Nick P. 12
Lord Flashheart 11
@pearceRPB 10
Ghost of TFC Future 9
Rsanchez 8
Seth Greenan 7
TFC is Killing Me 6
StoneMonkey 5
Toronto Tony 4
mistercorporate 4
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Steven Schmidt 3
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@BruceHardingTFC 2
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